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Latest Sofa cum Bed Designs 2023

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What is Sofa Cum Bed?

Sofa cum bed is a sofa that can be converted to a bed easily without the use of any tools and can be used as a sofa as well as a bed as required. Sofa cum bed designs are most liked furniture models across the globe.

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What is Double Carving in Furniture

Double Carving or both sides carving in Wood Furniture

Carving furniture is made with wood craft work on the unit to make it look different from plain furniture that sometimes looks dull and boring. Carving furniture has been traditionally used to provide the Royal look to any place and all places that require the Grand look use carving furniture.

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5 Benefits of Sheesham Wood Furniture Handicrafts

Sheesham Wood is a naturally hard wood with fine grains and is considered one of the best wood for furniture making. Solid wood furniture is globally liked by top  furniture makers and several type of wood qualities are used by different countries as per availability. Sheesham wood is an Indian wood and the name Sheesham also spelled Shisham genetic name Dalbergia sissoo, is also known by the name Sissoo, sisu, Talli / Tali / Tahli in Punjab region and can be compared to Rosewood as available in southern region of India in properties and qualities.

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