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5 Benefits of Sheesham Wood Furniture

5 Benefits of Sheesham Wood Furniture 1

Sheesham Wood has been at the top when it comes to making Wooden Furniture and Handicrafts. Let’s find out why??

Over the recent years, the furniture world has seen a radical change in design as well as the materials being used in products. In today’s furniture market, we can see different materials used for making products – from plastics and cast iron to wood, plywood, fiberboard, and ceramics. The choice of the material totally depends on the customers. Some need a lightweight solution while some consider traditional designs that can only be made in wood.

Benefits of Sheesham Wood

Wooden Furniture has been a first choice for a majority of clients preferably because of its rich cultural heritage and traditional designs that can be made by hand. Wooden handicrafts and Furniture made by hand is popular among the masses especially looking for some stylish and royal look to the home.

Primarily, hardwood is used for making furniture products such as Sofa Sets, dining sets, cabinets, wardrobes, and other small articles. Hardwood can be carved with much ease and are durable enough to withstand rough handling as well as extreme weather conditions.

We, at Aarsun Woods, have been using hardwood for making furniture and other handicrafts for decades now. The most widely used hardwood types are Teak Wood and Sheesham. Of these, Sheesham Wood is primarily used for making hand-carved furniture.

Sheesham is known by many names such as Sisu, Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sisso and many more names. Sheesham is an important timber tree in India. The wood is used for making doors, window frames, furniture, especially cabinets and much more. The pulp of wood is also used for making papers. Sheesham wood furniture is very versatile and alluring. This is the most famous wood used by the artisans for making furniture or any type of wooden item, especially for home or office purposes.  Sheesham is also used to make musical instruments, specifically for percussion due to the resonance abilities of all rosewood.

Here are 5 Advantages / Benefits of Sheesham Wood Furniture at Home:

1. Carving Friendly Hardwood:

5 Benefits of Sheesham Wood Furniture 2

As being said, Sheesham Wood is by far the most widely used and rated as Best Hardwood for Carving. The wood is hard and has medium coarse texture making it the best wood for carving and engraving purpose. It does not warp or bend or split as many other wood types.

Artisans find it a lot easier to work upon due to its high tensile strength and customers just adore the carving and its unique grainy structure. Despite having a granular surface, Sheesham Wood can be hand-waxed or polished in different shades to get smooth texture and this also somehow provides a termite resistivity to the product – again a good thing to have at moisture or termite-prone locations.

2. Durable and Long Lasting:

Indian Rosewood is highly durable and long-lasting and is in fact decay-resistant. The heartwood, in particular, is very durable and is known to have natural resistivity to dry termites. After all, furniture needs to withstand extreme weather conditions and should be tough enough to withstand rough handling.

3. Shade Availability:

UH-JMNDR-115 Wooden Cradle

Sheesham Wood itself has a large number of varieties and with each variety comes different shades of natural wood. Of course one can easily add a coating of the desired polish onto the surface to have it his / her way. However, some belief in natural shades and unpolished furniture.

For those nature “raw” lovers, Sheesham Wood provides a long range of shades – ranging from plain withered look to dry redwood shade.  And what to say about the grains structure. The grain structure changes to different shades when it comes in contact with a different lighting condition. Also, it can be hand-waxed to increase the shine and luster.

4. An auspicious Wood for Pooja Articles:

Sheesham Wood is considered auspicious and has religious aspects attached to it. There are ancient relics describing Sheesham Wood as a bringer of peace and prosperity at home. Wooden Temples made in Sheesham Wood seems to have some relativity to the Vastu-Shastra and are considered to be Vastu Complaint. Most of our Pooja Articles and Temples are made in Sheesham Wood.

5. Affordable Wood for Furniture Making:

5 Benefits of Sheesham Wood Furniture 3


Sheesham Wood is an affordable option than other hardwood types in the market. It is cheaper than Teak Wood despite having similar properties. Sheesham Wood Furniture also does not need special care. It can be cleaned simply with the use of good quality cotton cloth (dry). Also, the best part of having wooden furniture at home is, you can actually make it as good as new by re-waxing it or polishing it with a different shade.

Sheesham Wood has been worked upon by experienced artisans for many decades. Almost all types of furniture can be made using Sheesham Wood: Wooden Sofa Sets, Dining Sets, Chaise Lounge, wooden beds, side tables, dressings, tv trolley, bar cabinets and wardrobes, wooden temples, small toys for gifts and much much more.

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