What is Double Carving in Furniture

Double Carving or both sides carving in Wood Furniture

Carving furniture is made with wood craft work on the unit to make it look different from plain furniture that sometimes looks dull and boring. Carving furniture has been traditionally used to provide the Royal look to any place and all places that require the Grand look use carving furniture.

From Palaces to old forts, Carving Furniture also called Maharaja Furniture or Victorian Furniture has been used since ages around the globe. Be it Buckingham Palace or the Trump Mansion, House of Saddam Hussain or Muammar Gaddafi Palace, even in the movie “The Dictator” carving furniture is extensively used to showcase the palace style. Most of the movies in our South India have carving furniture for all good looking houses. The palace of President of Ukraine as visible in movie RRR has the most classical carving furniture designs.

Double Carving refers to the carving pattern, when we have designs on the front of the unit, as well as back of the unit. For example in a chair the design is mostly visible from the front, however if the chair is placed in the middle of the room, like the dining chair the back is more visible than the front, in the case if the carving is also on the back of the unit, it complements the whole design. Similarly big sofas that are generally placed in the hall are visible from all sides, so carving on both sides is always preferred. Units like door designs, that are always visible from both ends should have designs on both sides and this is called double carving.

Furniture items like beds, dressing tables, wall frames, crockery units, display units, book shelves are mostly kept along a wall and the back is not visible, such items do not require work on the back, as that would not be visible, also it will make the surface uneven so would be an issue to keep along with a wall. For double carving the thickness of wood pieces used in the units require extra width for example if a sofa is crafted in 38 mm thick wood, for double carving it would atleast require 50 mm wood thickness, to retain the strength and the to make the carving look better. Below is a video that can explain the concept of double wood carving in detail.

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