Timeless Furniture Designs Never Goes Out of Style

So, What Makes a Timeless Furniture Timeless?

A question often asked by us when we are looking for furniture that can lasts for long in our homes.

They say furniture is a reflection of your own thoughts and the way you want to live your life.

Furniture at home represents you in many ways. Furniture can be charismatic. For us, classic designs, in particular, are timeless. They are not at all limited to a single era only. Yes, of course, they have a history, but that does not mean they should remain in history. They are truly timeless. Elegance is timeless. And timeless furniture can be passed onto future generations “as-is”.

Timeless Furniture units have certain qualities that separate them from regular furniture. Have a look at a few points that we sometimes miss while looking for that perfect piece for our homes. And yes, these are the five major points that make a furniture unit Timeless.


Timeless Furniture Royal Sofa Set by Aarsun

It is amazing how people miss this very fact when they visit our website. Each and every furniture unit at Aarsun is handcrafted – All done by hand. The designs are so well carved that we forget these are made by an actual human being and not some CNC machine. These designs take months to be finished. It is highly unlikely to find the texture and feel, that the handcrafted furniture possesses, on the units manufactured using CNC machines these days.


Image for 7-Seater-Rajwada-Sofa-Set-Teak-Wood-YT-277

As these are handmade, no two units can be the same. Each unit is unique. Even if you order a standard traditional sofa set, the design will have some distinctive features that make the set unique. It can be a larger crown, or it can be the curve on the legs. It can be the depth of the carving or it can be as simple as the polish. However, even the simplest thing like polish gives a whole new dimension to the unit.


This is actually an addition to the uniqueness of handcrafted furniture – Customization. Yes, you can get your own design or you can customize the ones we have listed on our website into something that is a reflection of your own personality. At Aarsun, we make what you want. It is never the other way around. It is you who selects the design, the size, the material, the polish or the paint, and even the fabric.

Customization is Power Aarsun Timeless Furniture

The classic designs meet modern-era with our customized furniture pieces. At Aarsun, the Classic Dilwala Sofa Set, for example, can be given a Contemporary Chesterfield style to the upholstery – a rich blend of classic & modern. Similarly, the royal Baroque style furniture can be given a modern feel with a wide color palette available in the modern era.


Image for Gold & Brown Dual Shade 4 Seater Dining Set Custom Made UH-YT-538

Versatility is a very powerful feature of our wooden furniture. Let’s say you purchased a dining set from us this year. However, after 5 or 10 years, you are looking for a change in theme or color. When it comes to modern furniture, this versatility is not available at times.

But with our products, as these are premium wooden units, after a few years you can get them re-polished or re-painted and can also change the fabric resulting in a fresh new look. You can transform a vintage design into a contemporary one or you can mix and match the same to give a chic style look to your home.


Again, just like the points above, wood quality goes hand-in-hand with the versatility of the unit. At Aarsun, each unit is handcrafted using the finest quality hardwoods such as Indian Rosewood (Sheesham) and Teak (Sagwan). These woods are known for their strength and termite resistivity, which makes them time-proof. Want to know more about these wood types? Have a look at our article on Sheesham V/s Teak Wood.


Not only this, the wood actually has its own texture. The texture can be enhanced by polishing the unit in natural, mahogany, or dark walnut finishes for an aesthetic appeal; or by painting it in white, black, gold, silver, and any other color that gives it a more royal or modern look. It is simply a matter of your own choice and nothing else.

Everything you see can be made as per your choice. And that is something we like about our products.

These are the 5 major points that make these mesmerizing units so, well, so mesmerizing. These are the points that make them Timeless.

We sometimes forget that whatever we buy now, can last for ages and it will be here even if we are not. It can sit there quietly taking the beat. Wooden Handcrafted Furniture can stay as-is for ages. It does not get old. It becomes a vital part of your living room or your dining area or your bedroom.

Timeless Furniture, hence, is a perfect example of how quality never goes out of style.

Timeless furniture is often seen as an extension of the Mother Nature into our homes.

At Aarsun, the renowned craftsmen are masters of woodworking. It is really remarkable how a piece of wood is carved out and turned into a breathtaking masterpiece. And this technique has been mastered after decades of experience. Everything at Aarsun is just handmade with hand tools. It takes weeks and sometimes months to get the result you see here.


It is really something we are proud to share with the global community. The essence of our rich culture and heritage is clearly visible in each of these units.

We believe in providing Standalone Statement Furniture. The uniqueness in furniture can be clearly seen in each of our amazing designs. And with the power of customization, you can simply select the design from one and the color from another. The end-product is unique to your own personality and is definitely a marvel. Just dive into the world of timeless furniture range that Aarsun provides not only in India but around the globe.

So, how about getting something that stays with you and your family forever. You dream, we make. It is as simple as it sounds. Checkout our Furniture studio to have a taste of the wonderful art of woodworking.

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