Sheesham Wood vs Teak Wood

Sheesham vs Teak Wood is one of the most prominent comparison when it comes to features. Sheesham and Teak are widely used in making Furniture and Handicrafts. And both of them have their own benefits and drawbacks. Then, what is the difference between Sheesham and Teak Wood? Let us compare these two with a few important parameters that are kept in mind while choosing…

Sheesham Wood vs Teak Wood – What is the Difference?

Wooden Furniture & Handicrafts made in India has its own place worldwide. India is globally accredited with the traditional woodworking art and that too without any use of advanced machinery. When it comes to selecting the wood type, all our artisans have always been skeptical. Now, it all depends on the requirement. But still, it is sometimes tough to choose from the hardwood types in the market.

1. Texture

The major difference between Sheesham & Teak lies in their texture. Sheesham has a natural grain and marking with chestnut color. Teak Wood is known for its smooth texture and grain with a distinctive yellowish-brown color which usually matures into a silver-gray patina finish. If you need a solid color finish, you should go for Teak Wood as it has a tightly-structured grain. Sheesham wood can still be worked upon to gain a similar finish but Teak dominates here.

However, the granularity of Sheesham looks better than of Teak Wood, hence in case you wish to have a grainy texture with visible markings, go for Sheesham Wood. Also, Sheesham wood polishes well and finishes to a smooth surface.

2. Water & Termite Resistance

Sheesham Wood has a higher percentage of water inside than Teak. Sheesham thus has higher flexibility than Teak. This means it can be bent to a certain amount without any visible stresses. However, this property can be seen as a negative as it makes it prone to moisture damages. One can polish the whole unit, wax it evenly, to make it resistant but that is something added to the cost as well as the maintenance of the Furniture.

Teak Wood, on the other hand, has a higher percentage of natural oils. This makes Teak resist moisture, mildew, fungi, and even garden pest and termites. Due to this, Teak Wood is better suited for Outdoor Furniture than Sheesham. So, in terms of Water and termite Resistance, Teak Wood dominates over Sheesham Wood.

3. Weight

Teak Wood has a denser texture and higher tensile strength than Sheesham which makes it heavier. Being heavy, teak is preferred over Sheesham when making Furniture. However, for small or fold-able units, like handicrafts and decor products, Sheesham is preferred.

4. Durability

Teak Wood, being water-resistant and having a denser structure, is considered more durable than Sheesham. Sheesham wood is prone to moisture due to the higher water percentage. Also, Sheesham tends to warp under humid conditions. Clearly teak Wood is a winner here.

5. Ease of Use

In terms of preference with artisans working on Furniture units by hand, Teak is preferred. The designs can be easily carved out in Teak Wood which looks better and distinguished than Sheesham Wood. However, Teak wood tends to wear out cutting tools easily.

6. Cost

Plain and Simple. Because of the properties mentioned above like termite resistivity, water resistivity, higher tensile strength, and durability, Teak is expensive than Sheesham. If you are looking for a cost-effective material, Sheesham should be your choice. And if money is not a parameter, you should go for Teak Wood.


After carefully examining the parameters above, you might realize, there is no clear Winner. Of course, when it comes to Teak Wood, it dominates on 4 out of 6 points. But no one can deny the fact that sometimes, Cost is a crucial factor, a decision-maker when it comes to buying furniture. Sheesham can be polished, waxed, maintained well to make it long-lasting. Teak does not have such issues.

Overall, both hardwood types have their own specialty. It completely depends on your requirements and your budget. So choose accordingly and get exactly what you need.

Check out the video below for more in-depth comparison between sheesham and teak wood:

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