Do You Think All Furniture Images Online is Real?

Do You Think All Furniture Images Online is Real?

Do You Actually check these furniture images online and verify the source?

Furniture images online are sometimes very confusing. Just by looking at them, you cannot clearly say if they are real or not. They seem beautiful. After all, the main purpose of these furniture images are to attract buyers who love wooden furniture. However, in some cases, we regret once it reaches us they are not what they seem like when we get them in our homes.

Today, Aarsun comes with a video that explains in details about the facts about furniture images online. Check out the video above that will hopefully leave with enough knowledge about furniture images you see online. This will make your furniture buying experience online a little smoother.

Video Transcript:

Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun,
This video,
I am making is a very important video For you, because you are our clients who are looking at our furniture
and possibly you are looking to buy something like this…

So if you are thinking of buying this type of furniture, I’ll request you to see this video once
before deciding on two questions:

  • what to buy and from whom to buy.
  • Now before going further, let me show you a short clip.

Now looking at this clip, you must have seen how this entire piece of furniture is drawn on a computer. There is software available using which these images are created in 3D and then,
the colors are filled, the fabric is changed, the background is changed. And you see then chandeliers, and vases and curtains all these set up put together to show you one final image of the unit, in very good quality in very nice color scheme and all. This type of pictures you will find on 95% of the websites that are selling this type of furniture.
Including ours, you can also find these images on our website. Because these images give you a complete picture; a full view of a bedroom or dining hall – or any other space of which these pictures are. They give you a complete picture of the entire area. Along with the color scheme also, so sometimes it is very easy to look at this image and finalize what you want to buy.

Now, why I am showing these pictures to you, I have a question here, Are these images of the actual furniture? Are these pictures real?

Premium Wood Bedroom Furniture Images Online
Premium Wood Bedroom Furniture

The Answer is NO, These images are computer-generated images. Now, whenever you go online and you are looking to buy something like this from any seller, who is showing you pictures like these on the websites, or sending you WhatsApp these images. One question you should ask

  • Do You Have Actual Pictures of the Same Product?

If not the same product, similar products if you have made, If that seller has made any stuff similar to those images, ask for actual pictures or videos. He may be sharing the pictures of a different seller with you, but videos have their own brand markings or any such marking. So ask for this – actual pictures or videos or similar stuff where you can compare whether this seller is able to make the furniture that you have seen online. It is your hard-earned money, you have the right to ask the question.

On our Website, we have several images like these- these catalog images, but we do have actual stuff also. We have actual videos also. So if you want to check us, if you want to see that whether we can make the stuff according to your requirement, according to your choice, you can see the whole videos we have posted on YouTube.

To conclude:

More than 200 videos have posted. And a lot of actual pictures on our website. Now do the other seller have anything similar to these pictures in actual photos and videos? One Question will ease and help you to decide whether to buy from this seller or not. About the fabric also, a lot of people see these images and request to have the same fabric on their units as well. Now as these are computer-generated images, it is very difficult to et the same fabric because that may or may not be available in the store. But we can arrange for a similar fabric. That can be done. Now I’ll show you 2 images here.

The upper one is the catalog image and the other one is an actual unit that we have prepared. Now let’s compare both of them. They are 95% the same. A 100% match is not possible. Something that is generated on a computer and something that is actually made on the ground. It’s very difficult to 100% match that. We don’t have a die that we put the stuff into the die press it and we get the same stuff every time.

The Art of Woodworking by Local Artisans:

Custom Made Dilwala Sofa Set in Teak Traditional Woodworking
Custom Made Dilwala Sofa Set in Teak by local artisans of India. And yes, these are real furniture images online.


This is handwork, this is handicraft, an art, where we draw everything by hand, seeing the catalog image, accordingly, the wood is cut, then the carving is to be done, then the color is applied over it and after color, the fabric is placed. So the actual color of the unit and the catalog image may have different shades also. It is very easy to pick and apply colors on a computer. You have millions of colors, you can pick anyone and fill it. it is very easy. On the ground, it gets sometimes very difficult to hundred percent match the object.


Let me give you a very simple example here. Take a piece of paper and sign two times over it. And match both of them. They will not be a 100% match. In Handicrafts, you cannot get a 100% match every time. It is handwork. It is art. An artist cannot replicate their work every time. There is bound to be a difference. Because they are artists. They always try to make things better than what they have done.  Now, this single video can answer a lot of questions of yours.

The first questions I asked you in the beginning –

Are these furniture images online real?

  • The answer is No.

The second question:

Whom to buy?

  • If some seller is providing you actual work of theirs, actual photos and images, and videos, then you can trust that they can make something similar to your choice.
  • The other question about the fabric – as I mentioned, the same fabric may or may not be arranged, but a similar fabric can be arranged.
  • The other thing is about the color of the unit. the polish or the paint color. In the catalog image and in actual there is bound to be some difference because the exact match is not possible every time. And then the lighting work is always there. So the colors tend to look different.

Now if you are thinking to buy any of such stuff online because you may be sitting at a far corner and we are in a different corner. And you are relying solely on these kinds of images from any seller, it may be a waste of your money.
And you may see a different product altogether. So please have a look and please be very cautious when you buy stuff online and when you see stuff like this on different websites, and this is your money. So, have to be a little cautious before spending.

Contact us:

You can always contact us anytime with any question of yours.
The best we can do we’ll try to answer that. And yes, we can match 95-98% the same as the stuff that you see online and our stuff. We have a lot of videos to confirm that, to show you that. Thank You!

Furniture images online can be real or AI-generated. But the purpose of the images is defined by the viewers. If viewers are customers, they should really check the source of the file to verify whether the furniture images online are real or not. For details, you can always connect with us at +91-8192999135 and we will help you purchase what you really want for your home.

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