Our Top 10 Antique Gold Furniture Units

Antique Gold Furniture, at Aarsun, is one of the most liked color when it comes to getting something classy in gold for a large home or a resort or a palace. It can be anything from the classic world of woodworking. In antique gold, everything seems to be clearly coming out of its place.

At Aarsun, we have a lot of floral, shell-like, and crown-like patterns carved out on the units. Sometimes the carving when polished in a single color does not bring life to these carvings. But when the unit is painted in antique gold color, the whole thing just lights up.

So here we are to bring to you a list of out top 10 of these mesmerizing units that are a class apart from the ones painted or polished in other colors.

1. Truly Majestic Poster Bed in Antique Gold YT-427


As can be seen from the image, this is HUGE. The  king-size poster bed design is flawless on its own. In gold also, it comes out fine. But with the antique finish, the edges of the carvings looks sharp. The antique gold finish gives more depth to the style of the unit.

This particular poster bed is one of the whole furniture unit that is made for a palace in Gujarat, India. Poster beds are common in palaces and resorts because they are a whole room in themselves. The poster bed is not only grand by the looks, it actually is. The unit is a whooping 8 feet by 8 feet square. It is definitely made for the royals.  Look at the whole video for details.

2.  Ultra Luxurious Sofa Set in Antique Gold YT-499


Unlike the monotonous sofa sets, this unique majestic sofa set has 3 Seater, 2 Seater Chair, and a Lounger. A 360-degree fully hand-carved in premium quality teak wood and painted in antique gold paint.  A Maharaja Concept Sofa Set in Double Carving – Carving on Front & Back. This Ultra Luxurious Sofa Set is just right for a large space.

When it comes to double carving concept, the antique gold furniture looks amazing as it can be placed at the center of the room. And with such kind of larger units, every person wants to have a chance to just sit and relax in style on it.

3. Splendidly Carved 10 Seater Dining Set YT-372

Our Top 10 Antique Gold Furniture Units 1

A Dining Set is the place where you can have a decent meal and spend some time with your family. A 10×5 Feet dining table with 10 chairs double carved and painted in antique gold paint finish. The heavy base of the dining table and the beautiful carving on the chairs looks more sharp with the antique gold finish.

The antique gold finish looks equally amazing on single tone, white in this case; or multiple color tone fabrics like our many other designs. Overall, a great unit to have at home and cherish for a lifetime. For details, watch the video here.

4. Royal Dining Set in Antique Finish YT-376


Similar to the one above but with a more detailed and heavy carving, this 10 seater dining set is definitely a treat for sore eyes. The flashy but not gaudy gold with antique finish on the dining set looks amazing. Unlike the one above, this in particular has a top on the table and can cater to 10 persons at the same time and that too very comfortably.

The floral blue fabric compliments the entire set with its contrasting shades. The curves on the legs on the chairs as well as on the table does come out with antique gold finishing.

5. 10 Seater Sofa Set in Blue & Antique Gold YT-416

UH-YT-416-10-Seater-Sofa-Set in Antique Gold & Blue

This 10 Seater Antique Gold Furniture Unit is a great example of the elegance of the antique gold finish. The carving on this royal sofa set is minimal (in comparison to the sets above) but when the units are painted in antique gold, the carvings overcome the look and feel of the beautiful floral fabric on the unit.

Of course, the unit is distinctive having wingback chairs and a settee which is not at all common to many homes and making the set unique. But, the influence of the antique gold color can be clearly witnessed on the set. The whole room just lights up with the antique gold even when the shade is not at all loud. Full Video Here

6. Unique Style Luxurious Sofa Set in Antique Gold YT-417


Now this was something unique from our artisans in Saharanpur. Not only the style was unique, but the antique gold paint just brings a whole deal of classic theme as well as royal feel to the unit.

The 3 Seater technically is a 2 seater as it has a functional wooden layout in the middle for placing eatables and tea & coffee cups. This enables a person to easily reach the dishes instead of getting up and reaching to the center table in front.

The wingback crown style back on the units, the curved handles and the legs not only on the chairs but on the corners as well as on the coffee table in the middle just speaks for itself. The beautiful velvet fabric compliments the sofa set perfectly. The overall aura brings back the wonderful royal days of the 17th century.

7. Grand Double Carved Divan Couch YT-426


This truly majestic diwan (chaise lounge, studio couch, deewan, daybed) is by far one of the heaviest diwans we have made till date. And this is double carved, i.e., carved from both sides. A huge crown at the back, curvy handles on both ends and a carved front and legs.

This is a one level up for our Dilwala standard design (the heart shaped back as can be seen on the picture gives it the name “Dilwala”) and that too in Antique Gold color. The antique gold paint and the contrasting fabric amazingly adds to its glory.

8. Royal Dressing Unit in Antique Gold YT-429

Royal Dressing Unit in Antique Gold YT 429

Just like the Antique Gold Poster Bed and the Double Carved Divan/Couch above, the heavily carved dresser or dressing table as it is called, is breathtaking. The pure craftsmanship of the experienced artisans at Aarsun is truly justified using the Antique Gold Paint.

The garland at the top, the whole frame as well as the table handcrafted in Victorian-inspired carvings just speaks for itself. We are always in-awe when such masterpiece comes along our way. Full Video Here.

9. Ultra Royal Sofa Set in Red & Gold YT-467

Ultra Royal Sofa Set in Red & Gold YT-467

As the image says, this sofa set is as luxurious as it can get. Ultra Luxurious couch, super comfortable and royal chairs, and equally mesmerizing center/coffee table with 6 legs. What more can a person ask for. This is truly amazing.

A great example how woodworking and the finishing go hand-in-hand. The carving itself is amazing but when it is painted in antique gold color, the whole thing looks a little too good to be true. The red fabric with crisscross design on the back, the cushioned handles, the curves on the entire unit and, the 6-legged table with full top.  Watch the Full Video Here

10. Antique Gold Royal Bedroom Set YT-485

Antique Gold Royal Bedroom Set YT-485


Similar to the requirements achieved on every order before, this spectacular Royal Bedroom Set Handmade is one of the masterpieces we were able to make just like the client needed. Earlier, this design was polished in Teak finish and had a different fabric. Even the side tables were of a different style and design.

The USP of the unit is its beautiful carving on a 3-inch thick wood-base. In fact, the thickness of the base wood goes up to 7 inches in some places. This is Royal yet the antique gold has a subtlety to it.

And every time we write about Antique Gold Furniture, we have to mention that this is not a work of a single day. It takes years of experience and months to make these wonderful pieces of art.

Getting something handcrafted always has its own perks. You can decide everything about it. When it comes to buying custom-made furniture from us, at Aarsun, we take every request seriously and try to get everything as per your requirement.

Antique Gold Furniture units are one of the aspects of furniture we offer to our clients. There are many such furniture styles that are evenly matched to antique gold furniture. At the end, it all depends on the client’s liking. If they want to have it in antique gold, we help them to achieve the look they want at their places.

We excel in customization. We have decades of experience in catering to clients not only in India but globally. We have provided custom made units as and when required.

We are just a call away – +91-8192999135. You can even send us some images of the antique gold furniture here or you can discuss the details via WhatsApp/Telegram if you want. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you don’t want to miss a new product video here at Aarsun.

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