Goldie Wooden Sofa Set -SF-0068

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  • Handmade Wooden Sofa Set from Teak Wood with Premium Gold Finish (3+1+1)
  • The Sofa Chair Outer Size : 36″ (91 cm) (Length) x 28″ (71 cm)(Width) x 45″ (114 cm) (Height) in inches approx
  • Three seater Outer Size : 78″ (198 cms) (Length) x 28″ (71 cm)(Width) x 45″ (114 cm) (Height) in inches approx
  • Customization As Per Need


Goldie Wooden Sofa Set

Aarsun Saharanpur brings to you a modern and comfortable Handmade Goldie Wooden Sofa Set for your living room. The 5 seaters Goldie Sofa Set is made of premium quality Teak wood with fine carving. It has an elegant design that enhances the interior decor of your living room.

Material Details:

  1. Very Strong:  Teak wood is a hardwood obtained from broad-leaved deciduous trees, and it is exceptionally strong when compared to other wood types such as Sheesham and Mango Wood. Hence, the teak wood provides strength to the Wooden Sofa Set.
  2. Moisture Resistance:  Teak Wood Sofa Set has good resistance to moisture and water. This is why it is the preferred wooden material used in Sofa Set building for making the wooden flooring and decks. Because of this very quality, it is widely used to make Wooden Sofa Set.
  3. It’s heavy:  Teak wood is a very dense wood which can be considered a beneficial trait because a very basic rule in woodworking is that the heavier and denser a wood is, the stronger it will be. In addition to this, most people have a different preference towards sturdy and heavy pieces of furniture, when it comes to buying a wooden temple.
  4. Termite Resistance: Teak wood has a natural oil content that resists termites (white ants), fungal stains, and also repels other insects that can destroy. One who has ever had termites climbing on walls all over the house, and eating all the expensive wooden sofa set before, will readily vouch for how important this benefit is. This termite and insect resisting quality, in turn, increases the life span of the wooden sofa set and is the reason why Teak wood is superior compared to many other wood species in making sofa set.
  5. High Dimensional Stability: Properly seasoned teak wood sofa set does not warp or shrink as compared to other wood materials. It is a stable material and retains its dimensions. Well-dried wood is not easily affected by climate changes.

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