5 Benefits of Teak Wood Furniture


We are here with 5 benefits of teak wood. Teak Wood is one of the most preferred solid wood material as compared to other hardwoods in the market. Wooden Furniture will always be preferred when it comes to get furniture that is closer to nature. Teak is a tropical hardwood deciduous tree that occurs in mixed hardwood forests.

Top 5 Benefits of Teak Wood Furniture

Before talking about the benefits of teak wood, let us talk about how can you identify teak wood.

Identification of Teak

Teak Wood has small, fragrant white flowers and large papery leaves that are often hairy on the lower surface. Heartwood is yellowish in color. It darkens as it ages. Sometimes there are dark patches on it. There is a leather-like scent in newly cut wood. Sapwood is whitish to pale yellowish-brown in color. It can easily separate from heartwood. Teak Wood has its own strengths that set it apart from the rest of the Woods.

Here are the 5 major benefits of Teak Wood that makes it a good choice for Furniture Makers and Home Owners.

1. Teak Wood is Durable 

Teak Wood has a dense coarse structure and is heavy which gives it strength and durability. Obtained from broad-leaved deciduous trees, Teak Wood is really strong. Hence Teak Wood Furniture is known for its strength and durability.

Sectional Sofa Set in Pista Green - Benefits of Teak Wood

2. Teak Wood is Weather Resistant

Teak Wood does not shrink or warp due in different weather conditions. It has higher dimensional stability. Once worked upon, it can withstand extreme heat in summers as well as freezing cold in winters. This weather resistivity makes Teak Wood a perfect material for Outdoor Furniture.

3. Teak Wood is Termite Resistant 

Teak Wood has natural oils which make it termite resistant. The oils act as an anti-termite coating thereby using the wood as-is without any polishing. The natural oils also protect the wood from dry rot. The natural color and texture looks incredible and loved by all.

4. Carving – Friendly

Teak Wood is Carving Friendly Due to its dense structure, carpenters and woodworkers find it a breeze to work upon. Teak wood does not chip-off easily. Hence, Hence, the artisans can easily carve out delicate designs. Almost any design with any depth can be made on Teak Wood.

6 Seater Round Dining Set with Double Carved Chairs Benefits of Teak Wood

5. Long-Lasting Quality

Teak Wood is Long-Lasting Durability, Weather Resistivity, and Termite Resistivity makes Teak Wood really long-lasting and thus needs very low maintenance. It does not need any extra care or polishing which is a necessary requirement for some hardwoods and definitely for softwoods.

Furniture made from Teak Wood reflects the properties above and carved Furniture really looks incredible. Teak Wood Furniture is widely acclaimed as the best in the market. You can see Teak Wood Furniture in all homes around the world. Sometimes used raw, sometimes polished, sometimes intricately carved and sometimes plain.

Teak Wood is really a prized material to have that lasts for generations to come.

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