Carved Wooden Partition Screen

Look at this Carved Wooden Partition Screen panel which is made of mango wood. It comes of 4 panels in the standard size. Perfect for a private setting with a little light, elegant and modern design. Set the screen up in a Z or U form according to requirements and space. It’s great on outdoor areas such as pools, jacuzzis, gardens, or inside ambiances such as bedrooms or living rooms.  It is perfect to put in your house as a room divider panel.

4 Panels / Burnt Brown. Solidly built in mango wood panel frames. Attractive and durable Carved Wooden Partition Screen panel natural shades. The latticework looks great from the front. Rustic finishes complement the extra hardy, Great for practical purposes like dividing a large space, as well as decorative purposes like creating a cozy nook for a reading chair and lamp table. Well built long-lasting home furnishings as well as distinctive decorative accessories. 4-Panels. 20 in. W x 70 in. H (per panel)Our new open lattice design floor screen is part of a collection of traditional style wood frame room dividers.

The panel frames are slightly heavier and more substantial than most designs, and the cotton panel shades are particularly durable. The open latticework at the bottom adds an attractive design element, creating both an eye-catching piece of furniture as well as an extra solid and durable folding screen.

The Carved Wooden Partition Screen is hand-carved from premium quality Mango Wood.

  • Hardness: It is considered to be a hardwood. Hardwood is usually difficult to cut and shape. However, this is one of the softest hardwoods around creating it suitable to be used in Wooden furniture like Wooden Room Dividers.
  • Grain and Texture: Mango wood grain is often either straight or interlocked/curly and looks great in its natural form though polishing the wood adds to its beauty.
  • Color: Heartwood or the core of a mango tree wood is usually golden brown though it may also be yellow or have pink and/or black streaks.
  • High Water Resistance: It is highly water-resistant and great for creating outdoor furniture. Polishing can also increase its durability.
  • Great Designs: Unlike other hardwoods, mango wood is kind soft and as such easier to cut and shape. Intricate carving is also potential on mango wood making it appropriate for designer or antique look furniture.
  • Price: The wood has steady supply sources and is a sustainable wood making it less expensive than other hardwoods like Teak and Sheesham.

Carved Wooden Partition Screen can be of varying types. The conventional folding screen panel divider is very easy to maneuver, being quickly fold-able. The traditional, slightly heavy, panel room dividers are single screen and are used primarily for dividing bigger rooms into individual spaces.

Looking for different material designs in Carved Wooden Partition Screen, have a look at Traditional Wooden Partition Screens, also in case you require fine carving in Sheesham wood, go for Handmade Sheesham Wooden Room Dividers.

Aarsun Carved Wooden Partition Screen is also available on popular e-commerce portals such as Amazon India, Pepperfry, Indiamart and more…


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Carved Wooden Partition Screen Aarsun UH-RD-0031

Carved Wooden Partition Screen RD-0031