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Top Wooden Swing Jhula  Oonjal Designs

One of the most designer furniture units is the indoor wooden swing also known as Wooden JHULA or Jhoola, Zula, Hammock and UNJAL Oonjal Design. Most of the homes in Gujarat and in South India have had this concept of wooden Jhula Swing in their homes for ages. In this modern time when there is Flats culture, people still love the concept of Swings in their homes. We make Full Stand Swing, Floor Swing as well as Ceiling Swing Designs. We also provide the brass chain for hanging swings to ceilings or stands. Swings jhula oonjal unjal designs with top collection in solid wood best price models with worldwide delivery

Modern Home decor generally works on simple concepts and we provide the latest designs and trending ideas, that look elegant and also enhance the home interiors. Jhula is a unique concept for living rooms and we have decorated thousands of homes globally with our Unjal Designs. Plastic Jhula, Bamboo Jhoola, and Metal Swings are good for gardens and outer areas like balcony or Terraces; however for indoor areas a nicely crafted and beautifully polished/ painted unit looks amazing as well as decorative.

We have many solid wood Swing designs and ideas and we customize them as per client’s requirement with global delivery and best of all – at FACTORY PRICES. Architects and Interior designers love the concept of Swing in living rooms as it gives a different look to the place. For an amazing design range and made to order Swing Ideas, contact us and we will make your Choice Wala Swing and deliver to your home in India or Outside India, wherever you are.

Different names for Jhula Swings

Swings is a worldwide concept and traditional as well as modern homes use a swing. Thus it is known by different names across the globe, some of the names or synonyms of swings are – Jhula, Jhoola, Zula, Hammock, Oonjal, Unjal, Uyyala, Hichka, Hickho for home, Jhopala, zopala, Bangai, Jokali designs, Zula, Macrame jhula, Dolna for home, Chopala designs and comes in traditional, contemporary, modern, latest and trending designs for global homes.

Types of Swings available

Wooden Swings, Jhula, Oonjal or Unjal , wood hammock design are mostly in 2 types, One that is hung on the ceiling, second is with its own stands or Floor Swing. We make both and deliver it globally by master artisans in solid wood and best price. Detailed videos of swing jhulas are available on our Youtube Channel , with millions of views and appreciation from the clients for the explanation we provide.

We make Swing in all sizes for 2 seater size, single seater size and even modify big designs to make Shri Krishna Jhula, Laddu Gopal ji Paalna Jhoola, Kanha ji Jhula designs for smaller sizes also mostly used for Janmashtami celebration. All our designs are handmade and handcrafted by local artisans who have huge experience in turning wood planks and pieces to beautiful home decor units.

Swing Chair Designs

The swings can be an open plank or seat shape like swing chair that can be suspended with a chain on a ceiling or a stand. Swing chair designs are mostly crafted as per the clients liking, with low back, heavy back, deeper sitting area, for 2 seater models, 3 seater designs or single seater as well. Swing chairs are also made for both sides sitting with movable back rest that allows sitting from the either side. Living room swing chairs when they are placed in the middle of the room, has this concept and is one of the most liked models for home swings.

What are the different types of Jula

Jula broadly have 2 types – Jhula With Stand or ceiling hanging swing chair design. Multiple designs and models are available in both these options. Further to the design – seat style, convertible models, reversible back designs , with cushion and without cushion jhula seats are available as further types.

Best Deals on Jhula Swings

Aarsun has the largest collection of wooden Jhula, Swing designs made in solid wood, durable and decorative and we are the top manufacturers of Oonjal Unjal design across the globe. Who can provide a better deal for a product than a direct manufacturer, moreover we provide door delivery worldwide. Select your design get it customized as per your liking in size, design, color and fabric color pattern and we will make and deliver it in the best possible price

Jhula for Living Room Online

Internet has connected the world and now you can get what you like directly from the manufacturer. Check our Online store – Aarsunwoods.com and you will get the most number of designs of home jhula swings for living room. Besides being designer Jhulas, we provide the choice in colors, fabrics and sizes. And deliver to your home directly in India or Outside India, where you are.

Which swing is best for home

Swing Jhulas are used at different places in a home. It may be in Living room, lobby, terrace, near garage or Outdoor like Garden. Indoor swings are mostly made in Wood and are stylish and decorative matching to the furniture theme. Outdoor units are either metal like Wrought Iron, or metal – plastic combination to bear the weather conditions. Depending on the usage, the design can be selected and the best option can be selected

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Wooden Swings / Jhula / Jhoola Large and Small, suitable for Indoors. Wooden Swings are made in premium quality wood such as Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) as well as Teak Wood with Matte as well as Glossy Finish. Download the Full catalog Here 

heavy jhula design for home

Reversible Wooden swing

Swings seats are available in single side sitting style and also both side sitting option. The back of the unit is attached with movable hinges that allows the back to move to the other side. Thus making it a reversible seat design and a unique swing design. For units that are placed in the middle of the room or hung on the center area of the ceiling, reversible swing seats are always preferred option

Modern Jhula Design for Home

For modern homes we make stylish designs that match the overall theme of the home. Interior designers love to use latest designers wall papers, Wall panels, colors, false ceiling and LED Lights to design modern homes. We make our swings according to the designers specifications. Aarsun has decorated thousands of modern homes globally with our amazing range of Swing Jhulas

Indian Indoor Swing Jhula Design

Indian or made in Bharat design Swing are popular across the globe. For home decorative furniture indoor swing is the best option that provides unique home decoration. Aarsun is the top designer of India Indoor swing and have delivered across the globe. Get your own Indian swing design for your home, in your personal style with home delivery at factory prices

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