Handcrafted Indoor Swings / Jhoola YT-92

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  • Handcrafted Traditional Wooden Swing Jhoola for Indoors 
  • Swing Chair (Cushioned) supported by Metal Chain matching the overall design


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Handcrafted Indoor Swing

Aarsun prefers Handcrafted Indoor Swing/ jhoola made from premium quality wood. Wooden swings consist of two strong pillars with small round design along its length with brass knobs on the upper portion and standing on the high base having rounded width and connecting shaft supporting the central swing. the pillar consists of the lock with rounded width attached to the rectangular design of the pillar. The indoor swing set shows the pillars connected with rounded shafts with small dowels in between them as design. A small wooden shaft is present over the shaft with interconnected lock.

Wooden Handcrafted Indoor Swing/ Jhoola shows brass hoops through which adjustable brass chains which support the central swing. Jhoola shows the central swing with a backrest made up of rounded shaft and dowels. Hand rest is also matching the design. Wooden swings seater shows the lower line of the central swing having the design of lock enter between two shafts.  Jhoola comes with two pillows and two cushions. This swing is given a black polish with designs engraved in golden color enhancing the beauty imitate.

Material Details:

Teak Wood

  • Teak Wood is one of the most widely used hardwood types for making furniture.
  • It is widely known for its termite resistance and longevity
  • Teak Wood is preferred over Sheesham when the detailed intricate carving is required over the furniture.
  • It can be sanded smoothly and polished or can be used as-is.

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