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Showing 1–60 of 277 results

Sofa Set Designs Classical latest trending modern

Aarsun presents the most amazing Sofa Set design ideas and wood carving furniture made in India by master artisans and  delivering across the world in best quality and factory prices making latest, trending, classical, neo-classical, new designs, victorian designs, carving designs, modern designs living room sofa and home sofa sets.

Luxury Sofa Sets, Maharaja Sofa Designs, Victorian Style & Baroque Style Sofas and Couches, Corner Sofa Sets – exclusive living room sets from high-end sofa range to medium range sofa designs. Sofa designs or Couch designs or living room setup, living room decoration requires beautiful and comfortable models that can match your lifestyle and your liking.

Most modern sofa designs are either plain sofas or cushion sofas that are quite common and available even at small local stores. Matching the fabric color and basic looks makes the sofa set look quite ordinary even if it from the most expensive brand. Further, getting the similar designs or regular designs sofas can make your living room look dull and monotonous, just like another living room. Aarsun offers the most decorative sofa designs in solid teak wood and Sheesham wood, designed as per clients choice, in terms of size, designs and matching fabric that you like, adding to the overall theme and decor of the living room.

We make 5 seater sofa set 3+1+1 seating or 3+2 set for 5 seater sofa design, wooden sofa set designs for 5 seater sofa can be made in 2+1+1+1 format also if required. Similarly 6 seater sofa design, 7 seater sofa set, 8 seater sofa set, 9 seater sofa designs, 10 seater sofa set or more can be made as per requirement of the client with coffee tables, center tables and side tables. Aarsun makes best sofa set designs for living room, drawing room or master bedroom where ever you want to place your sofa sets in solid teak wood with color and fabric options.

Living Room Sofa Designs

Fabric and furniture color plays a major role in the overall looks of a sofa set when matched with the carpets, rugs, drapes, curtains, wall colors, wooden flooring, marble flooring, ceiling design and the decor of the room. Standard blue sofa, grey sofa, brown sofa. velvet sofa,  black leather sofas or plain color tufted sofa, full cushion sofa designs, simple sofa designs, boxed shape sofa designs that you get online even from the best brand may provide fulfill the requirement of furniture in your living room; however may not match to the lifestyle you have. Your guest should have a peek in your living style, your love for your home and how well you decorate your home from your living room, and your living room furniture plays a major role in this.

Select from huge range of designs from the online catalog of Aarsun, the top International brand in hand carved furniture, with trademarks in 35 countries and exports to 55+ countries and get the designs customized as per your requirement. We make it completely as per your choice, in terms of size, number of seats, with center table, with side tables, polish colors, paint colors, seating pattern, tufting style, fabric options and colors all in export quality with best wood available and in factory prices, with delivery all over Indian and to 55 countries.

Aarsun On Youtube

Check our amazing collection here or for detailed videos check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL with more than 1100 videos and Silver Play button for millions of views, for detailed videos with explanation of space requirement, fabric quality, cushion quality, paint types and other details required before selecting a sofa for your home. For any queries we are just a phone or message away, contact us on Phone or Whatsapp +91 819 299 9135 and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Modern sofa Set Design

Modern style homes have lighter themes with false ceiling work, use of LED lights, Wall papers and Wall panels. Furniture that matches the theme is preferred by the designers in modern homes. Modern sofa set design for living room have different color options with fabrics that match with the interior designer work. Aarsun has decorated several modern homes with our huge range of sofa designs.

Sofa Covering Sofa Covers

We do not provide sofa covers along with our sofa sets. Sofa covers are quite easily available in local market everywhere, malls, super markets and fabric stores. With a huge range of designs and at best deals you can buy sofa covers locally of your choice. Our units look good without the covers as they are exclusive designer units. Still if you want to put sofa covering or sofa covers, local market is the best option.

Sofa Fabric

Sometimes the clients want to get their old sofa or furniture to be reupholstered. You may be looking for a particular fabric in cut length. We provide extra sofa fabric if required. Contact us for the required sofa fabric in your required measurement and we can provide the same, if available at best price. With home delivery  globally, we have huge range of sofa fabric options available along with Vegan Leather options.