The Royal Sofa Set or Shahi Sofa

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  • Unique “Shahi” design with curved shapes and bolster
  • Features a classic wooden finish for an elegant appearance
  • Includes one 3-seater sofa, two 2-seater sofas, and a special open-back settee
  • Creates a feeling of royalty and grandness in its style
  • Combines classic royal style with the cozy feel of wood for flexible decorating


The Royal Sofa set in a wooden finish, also known as a “Shahi” sofa set, is defined by its unique curvature and bolster setup, giving it a royal appearance. When we think of a royal sofa set, we often imagine gold, silver, gold leafing, and flashy colors. However, a wooden finish can also suit the Shahi sofa set depending on the home’s theme. This unit consists of one 3-seater, two 2-seaters, and an open-back settee. The open back settee is a special part that makes the set look royal, and you often see it in royal furniture.

3 Seater Size:
Width: 7 feet (out and out)
Depth: 30 inches
Back Height: 50 inches
The sofa’s height is slightly taller than a standard set, emphasizing its royal set. Additionally, a crown design is featured in the center of the set, adding to its amazing appearance.

2 Seater Size:
Width: 5.5 feet
Back Height: 50 inches
Depth: 30 inches

Settee Size:
Width: 5.5 feet
Depth: 24 inches
Height: 30 inches

The fabric used is damask design in a dual pattern. The handle and back of the unit feature plain fabric with tufted quilting, while the seating area showcases a floral pattern or damask style. If you wish to change the color, we offer a variety of options for you to choose from. Additionally, different fabric types such as jacquard, jute, suede, leatherette (vegan leather), and molfino are also available.

When it comes to wood finishes, teak wood is considered the best. However, the polish and paint color play a vital role in the furniture’s appearance according to the home’s theme. Architects and interior designers often use wallpaper, panels, chandeliers, false ceilings, LED and profile lighting, as well as vivid colors such as gold, silver, champagne, dual-tone, tri-tone, and multiple shades into the home theme.

We have posted over 1000 videos on our YouTube channel featuring sofa sets in different fabrics, types, themes, and color combinations. You can customize your sofa set with additional features like a swing, diwan, settee, long back chairs, and more. Aarsun is known for “Choice Wala Furniture,” where the design, color, size, and fabric are customized to your preferences, delivered to your doorstep across India and internationally. Let your creativity flow, and we will design the perfect set for you.

Aarsun is an internationally registered trademark in 35 countries, delivering to more than 55 countries. As we are both manufacturers and traders, there are no middlemen involved, ensuring you get the best factory price.

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