Maharaja 3 Seater Luxury Sofa YT-785A

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  • Maharaja 3-Seater Sofa Design
  • Antique Gold Paint in Solid Teak Wood
  • Heaviest Design Sofa
  • Double Side Carved
  • Fully Customized
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3 Seater Maharaja Luxury Sofa

The 3 Seater Luxury Sofa in Solid Teakwood with Antique Gold Paint is a luxurious and elegant piece of furniture that combines traditional Indian design with modern sensibilities. This Mahraja Sofa top design is crafted from high-quality teakwood and finished with an antique gold paint that adds a touch of opulence and grandeur to its appearance.

The 3 seater sofa is designed to provide comfortable seating while adding a regal touch to any room. Its expertly carved with intricate patterns and designs that reflect the artistry and craftsmanship of traditional Indian furniture-making.

The antique gold paint adds a striking contrast against the rich, warm color of the teakwood, giving this Mahraja Sofa top design a royal and majestic appearance that is sure to impress. The finish is applied with care and precision, ensuring that it enhances the beauty and elegance of the set without detracting from its natural beauty.

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Heavy Carved Sofa Set Product Video

Experience pure luxury in our sofa set video with heavy carving, glowing gold polish, and fabric unite seamlessly. Every frame tells a story of lavishness, transforming your living space into a haven of unparalleled beauty.

Maharaja Luxury Sofa Set-A


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