9 Incredible Shades of Dilwala Sofa

Dilwala Sofa Set is the signature design of our city – Saharanpur. Today, we bring you 9 Incredible Dilwala Sofa Sets and how refreshing the design looks with different shades and fabrics.

Dilwala sofa sets by Aarsun is widely famous for the heart shape design at the center of each unit. Sit back and check out the different shades of dilwala sofa designs you will fall in love with.

Image for Natural Green-Couch-Sofa-Set-with-Center-Table


Floral Fabric - Living-Room-Luxury-Sofa-Set

Gold and Leatherette Traditional-Sofa-Set-5-Seater-in-Teak-Wood-UH-YT-238-1




8-Seater-Sofa-Set-in-Antique-Gold and velvet

Red and Gold-Finish-Royal-look-Sofa-Set

We are sure that these shades of Dilwala sofa designs would have intrigued you. Call us at +91-8192999135 to know more.

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Aarsun has a wide range of customizable sofa set designs for each home. We feel each home is different and each person deserves sofa sets reflecting their persona and feelings. Therefore, we design products around your choices to make them uniquely yours. The end result is fascinating. And with the quality of Aarsun, you can cherish each unit for generations.

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