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9 Incredible Shades of Dilwala Sofa

Image for dilwala sofa set design

Dilwala Sofa Set is the signature design of our city – Saharanpur. Today, we bring you 9 Incredible Dilwala Sofa Sets and how refreshing the design looks with different shades and fabrics.

Image for Natural Green-Couch-Sofa-Set-with-Center-Table


Floral Fabric - Living-Room-Luxury-Sofa-Set

Gold and Leatherette Traditional-Sofa-Set-5-Seater-in-Teak-Wood-UH-YT-238-1




8-Seater-Sofa-Set-in-Antique-Gold and velvet

Red and Gold-Finish-Royal-look-Sofa-Set

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