9 Beautiful Swings to Break the Monotony at Home

Bored of the same old living rooms setting? Want Something that will change the look of your living room? 

Living Room is one place that is actually the first room any of your guests and relatives look at. It is believed to reflect your way of thinking. Often times we try to make it ours and unique but run out of ideas. Well, not anymore. Here are 9 wooden swings to break the monotony at home and refresh your living space…

Royal Carved Swing YT-702BHandcrafted in Teak Wood, this swing comes with the whole structure with white base paint and gold highlighting on the carving.  Check out the details


The Kashmiri style heavy carving done by Indian artisans makes this swing a unique unit to have at home. The Brass chains can hold up to 250-300 kg weight. Click Here for More Details

The elephants carving all over the unit makes it a royal unit with the white & antique gold color paint – our one of the most widely sought after finishes. Tap Here for Details 

Wooden Swing Seat in Dark Walnut Color Finish SWG-0042 Swings to Break the Monotony at HomeFor those who are fans of ceiling swings and want a royal feel in a compact living room, this swing with real brass chain is a go-to unit. The dark matte walnut finish gives it an aesthetic appeal with luxurious looks. Check out the details and video

Classic woodworking with brown finish and gold highlighting makes it appealing to the people looking for style and subtlety at the same time. More Details Here


Another ceiling Swing fully but subtly carved in natural wood finish along with the brass chains  for people looking for a calm morning or evening time. Order Now


Sankheda Jhula is globally famous for the design as well as the multicolor theme. If you are looking for something traditional, you can never go wrong with a Sankheda Jhula. Details here

Wooden Swing with Antique Brass Chains 265

Fully Carved Swing with Full roof and side carvings as well, this unit comes in glossy natural finish that lasts for years. The unit itself is made in Teak wood which makes it durable and can be passed over to the future generations. Order Now

Wooden Floor Standing Jhula YT-239 Swings to Break the Monotony at Home

This swing has a sleek pillar at the top with curvy design but heavy carved peacocks as base of the side pillars. A Full swing with a large swing seat that can even accommodate 2 adults and a kid at a time. Checkout the details

Now we are sure you get the idea that you can definitely use swings to break the monotony at home. And these are just a few examples of what you get when you order at Aarsun. The design, the finish, the colors, the fabric, as well as the size – everything is in your hands from the beginning. No compromise in anything. At Aarsun, we believe you deserve to get what you desire. We try to fulfill your dreams when it comes to furniture making.

Head over to our👉Swing Collection, select what suits you the best and call/WhatsApp us at +91-8192999135 for a customized swing for your place, that too delivered right at your doorstep. Act now and refresh your home with a swing that is truly yours. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more furniture videos.


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