10 Unique Colorful Sofa Sets to Rejuvenate Your Living Room

Colors are also a vital part of the amazing furniture units at Aarsun. Each unit looks different with a different color theme even when the core design is the same.

Today, we bring you 10 unique colorful sofa designs to rejuvenate your living room space:

This is the most sought-after wood finish that almost everyone likes. In many cases, people love to have the natural wood grains visible on their sofas.


Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/classic-3-seater-chesterfield-sofa/

  •  Walnut Finish

Apart from the natural finish, the walnut finish is an elegant option when you need a subtle smooth finish on your sofa.

Exemplary-State-of-the-Art-Living-Room- Dark Walnut Finish by Aarsun

Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/living-room-set-curved-couch-set/

  • Gold Paint

Gold is one of our most sought-after finishes that everyone desires to have on our sofas. We do have options for this like – subtle Gold, Metallic Gold, and Antique Gold. It is literally Your Sofa, Your Choice.

Royal Gold Sofa Set by Aarsun

Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/exclusive-victorian-sofa-set/

  • Sofa White with Golden Highlights

A Full white sofa looks good but it might not do justice to the carving done by skilled artisans at Aarsun. And hence, we bring you, White, with subtle gold highlighting the carving part.

White & Gold Sofa Design by Aarsun

Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/classic-victorian-white-gold-sofa-set/

  • Copper Paint Sofa Set

Rose Gold, as it is also referred to, the color has both shine and subtlety. Rose gold is often a great choice for those who need luxury as well as a dramatic effect on their sofas.

Copper Paint Sofa Set Design by Aarsun

Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/victorian-sofa-set-in-copper-paint-tv-unit/

  • Gold Rush

This is a new color by Aarsun. It gives a completely unique look to our already bespoke sofa designs custom-made as per your choice. This color looks good in a contemporary as well as a modern theme.

Gold-Rush-Sofa-Set by Aarsun

Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/gold-rush-sofa-set/

  • Champagne Gold Finish

Again a new color by Aarsun, this has an antique glare finish which separates it from the other colors. As this is new, you can play with it and place it in whatever theme you feel is right for this amazing color.


Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/champagne-gold-royal-sofa-set/

  • Multi-color Finish

This is a mix of everything above and more colors – white, gold, shades of pink, red, and green. This gives a versatile look to the sofa as now the sofa can be placed in any theme you wish.


Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/3-seater-living-room-sofa/

  • Dual-Shade Finish

Dual shade as the name clearly says is a combination of two shades in one – one for the base and the second for the highlights. This gives a contrasting look to your living room as you can play two colors for your home interiors.


Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/dual-shade-classic-dilwala-sofa-set/

  • Triple Shade Finish

Now just like dual shades like white and gold, this triple shade finish gives more depth to the unit. With triple shading, one can highlights subtle areas on the sofa thereby giving more depth to the unit. It is especially true for the carving part. Highlighting the carving sections with a different shade gives a unique viewpoint to the unit.


Link: https://aarsunwoods.com/product/classic-triple-shade-sofa-set-carved-in-teak-wood/

We have 100s of unique colorful sofa designs listed on our website to choose from. Everything at Aarsun is custom-made. The beauty of it is you can choose one aspect from a sofa set and the other from the second or more. This results in an entirely new sofa design unique to your own styling and shades.

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