Top 15 Spectacular Swing Designs for Living Room Makeover

Aarsun has been making unique and luxurious furniture designs for decades. We always try to find ways to make your home look better. And keeping this in mind, today, we bring you top 15 spectacular swing designs of ours for a luxurious living room makeover. These designs are not contraint to size, fabric or finish. You can get them customized anyway you like. So, let’s dive in.

1. Latest Design Indoor Kashmiri Swing Jhula YT-643

top designer indoor swing jhula design

Bring home the style and theme of “Heaven on Earth” with this spectacular Kashmiri swing design with intricate carving. The design is made from solid teak wood with upholstered swing seat and real brass chains.

2. Modern Design Indoor Swing in Champagne Gold YT-792


This spectacular swing design has antique style champagne gold paint with comfortable cushion on the swing seat and tufted back. The unit has sturdy brass chains that can withstand upto 250 kgs of weight.

3. Bangai Swing Design in Teak Wood YT-739


wooden jhula bangai top design

If you are looking for a classic Indian style theme in your living room, you can definitely opt for this heavy handcrafted swing design with elephants and peacock carvings with shiny wood polish.

4. Royal Indoor Swing in Dual Color Paint YT-695


Royal Indoor Swing in luxurious finish and comfortable upholstery


The luxurious swing comes with dual color finish in dark walnut and gold. The surprising factor of this swing is the swing back which is reversible. This way you do not have to turn the whole structure around. Just reverse the seat and sit.

5. Beautiful Swing in White and Gold Unparalleled Quality YT-575


Aarsun Swing in White and Gold Unparalleled Quality YT-575

Nothing could go wrong with this fine wooden swing having the color combination of white and luxury gold. In addition to this, the royal blue tufted back and floral cushion on the seat brings comfort and style to the unit.

6. Antique Gold Painted Handcrafted Jhula YT-529


Antique Gold Painted Handcrafted Jhula UH-YT-529

The luxurious antique gold painted swing is handcrafted by local artisans of India with elephants and peacocks carving design all over. The seat back is reversible for a 360-degree maneover without turning the whole unit.

7. Indian Swing with Animal Carvings YT-475

Indian Swing design solid wood


Traditional Rajasthani style glossy swing design in dark walnut polish can add glory to your home when compared to the standard usual sofa set designs you see in the living rooms.

8. Designer Wooden Swing in White & Gold YT-364


Designer Wooden Swing in White & Gold


The premium white paint and golden highlights looks amazing on this handcrafted swing design in solid teak wood. And the red tufted seat fabric and floral upholstery adds all the more glory to it.

9. Wooden Sankheda Jhula with Side Stools YT-332


Wooden Sankheda Jhula with Side Table


Sankheda Swing is popular all over the world for its amazing hand-painted colors and unique design. We bring you this swing handcrafted in solid teak wood that makes it long lasting and durable.

10. Canopy style Wooden Swing with Brass Chain 265


canopy Wooden swing jhula design


This luxurous teak wood swing with intricate floral carving has a uniquely designer canopy top adding more sophistication and style to your living room interiors.

11. Handcrafted Teak Wood Swing for Indoors SWG-0030

Traditional Hand crafted Jhoola for Indoor

The traditionally hand carved swing design again with a canopy top but this time it has a plain smooth top. The swing design has premium peacock carving all over with dark polish and glossy finish.

12. Wooden Floor Standing Jhula YT-239



This luxurious wooden swing has peacock carvings on the pillars and glossy dark wood polish on the whole structure. The unit has fully carved swing seat cushioned with premium fabric.

13. Traditional Hand Carved Wooden Jhoola YT-87


Traditional Hand Carved Wooden Jhoola by Aarsun in teak wood with elegant fabric


In case you are looking for something stylish that goes well with the Indian theme, you shluld definitely go for this grand swing hand carved by Indian artisans at Aarsun. The large unit has intricate floral carving with premium antique style wood finish. The swing seat is really large with real brass chains to attach it with the top – also fully handcrafted in teak.

14. Dark Finish Jhoola for Indoor SWG-0015


Classical Dark Finish Jhoola for Indoor


Stylish carved swing design for people looking for a compact home interior theme to be rejuvenated into something fresh and unique. The dark polish and the carving look stunning and with the premium fabric adding comfort, this unit is a great choice for all.

15. Wooden Designer Swing for Indoor SWG-0006

Wooden Designer Swing for Indoor SWG-0006

This luxurious swing is truly amazing with its intricate floral and peacock carving all over the surface and heavy pillars on the sides and a classy top. The unit has a large swing seat held together to the top using sturdy designer brass chains.

We have a large collection of premium swing designs customizable as per your theme in mind and we can deliver it to your place not only in India but globally too. You can share your requirements at +91-8192999135 (Call/WhatsApp) so that we can discuss this in detail. Also, you can check out our 1200+ videos on YouTube for more spectacular furniture designs.

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