7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024

A beautiful classic sofa set provides charm and royalty to your living room by its presence and beauty. Carefully crafted from premium quality teak wood, these classic design sofa sets are designed with artistic carvings on the wooden frame. The design elements of all different sofas can include patterns, artistic scrollwork or delicate accents in gold or silver leaf that add to its charm. The seating arrangement in your home is luxurious and attractive in itself and provides both style and comfort to your living room. You can give a great look to your living room with a beautiful classic sofa set. Let us know about some classic sofa designs designed by Arson Company:-

Classic Sofa Set Design YT-759

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024 2

Presenting a classic sofa set design made of high quality premium teak wood by aarsun.
The floral carving work done throughout this unit makes this sofa set a special unit of Saharanpur. Intricately carved furniture is a traditional trademark of Saharanpur as it is made only by artisans from Saharanpur. Teak wood is considered best for furniture because the carving design on teak wood is very clear. The sofa set designs designed by aarsun can be extended to seat more as required.

Classic Rajwada Sofa Set YT-716

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024 3

Presenting another attractive traditional hand carved wooden classic Rajwada sofa set by aarsun. This sofa set is so beautiful and unique that no modern design can compete with it. This sofa is a finely carved Rajwadi sofa set centerpiece from Arson Woods that will add a new life to your home. This sofa set has 360 degree carvings that reflect the royal heritage of Indians.

Classic Maharaja Sofa Set in Silver Paint YT-540

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024 4

aarsun brings yet another attractive sofa and this time in the classic and unique silver and blue color. The Classic Maharaja Sofa Set is made from teak wood by our experienced craftsmen in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

aarsun always brings something unique for you, something that will change the entire look of your living room. The Maharaja Sofa Set from us at Aarsun is the perfect example of how traditional classic design can be tailored to suit your needs. h

Classic Victorian White & Gold Sofa Set YT-530

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024 5

Presenting a high-end classic made of high quality teak wood and white polish with beautiful fabric, aarsun. Which includes 3 seater sofa and sofa chair as well as center table. This amazing sofa set is a handmade sofa made by our skilled artisans from Saharanpur. The wooden sofa set is made entirely of genuine teak wood.

Classic Victorian Sofa Set in White Polish YT-396

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024 6

aarsun presents a classic Victorian sofa set in a stunning white polish. Which symbolizes the ornate, elegant and attractive design of the ancient 19th century Victorian era. It features teak wood carvings and luxurious upholstery in light colors and an antique white polished wooden frame. This set reflects grandeur and tradition, often with chairs and tables, creating a grand statement for formal and traditionally styled interiors.

Classic Design Sofa set

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024 7

Introducing a subtle yet classy sofa set that will definitely help give your home living room an incredibly new look and appeal. The premium quality 4+1+1 sofa set is the highlight of the unit. We generally don’t recommend it for small spaces but if you have a big room and want to fill that space with style and charm then you should definitely choose this 4 seater sofa. Apart from the 4 seats in this unit, the living room set also has 2 sofa chairs which provide more seating space than usual

French Design Classic Luxury Sofa Set 

7 Classic Sofa Set Designs For 2024 8

French designed classic sofa set presented by aarsun which is crafted from finest and high quality teak wood and decorated with rich and beautiful antique gold color. A traditional and comfortable classic sofa set in antique gold for your living room is a better option to give a classic look to your living room. This exquisite sofa set is a perfect fit for any large living room.



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