Top 10 Furniture Designs – Superb Way to Glam Up Your Home

Stunningly Royal Furniture Designs just waiting to transform your home into a Palace…

Royal Furniture at home represents your royal stature in many ways. Make your home stand out with our exotic Luxurious carved wooden furniture designs. We customize and design home furniture which blends with your home interior and architecture and provides the luxurious feel you always have desired. Here you will find Royal and Carved Designs no matter what size you are looking for.

So, let’s dive into our top 10 Superb furniture designs that will glam up your home:

1. Ultra Luxury Gold Leafing Sofa Set YT-690

Ultra Luxury Gold Leafing Sofa Set-C

Get Delighted with Our Luxurious Wooden Sofa Set with Gold Leafing/Gilding and bring your home a new level of Royalty in trend. The unit has designed in premium quality teak wood with beautiful fabric and tufted quilting back for extra comfort. The unit is double-carved yet comfortable.

The entire living room unit comprises 3 seater sofa, 2 deewan style couches, and 2 single-seater Maharaja chairs with a center table and side stool. This set is huge and is a lot heavier than our regular sofa sets. The main highlight is the beautiful gold leafing on the entire unit. The aesthetic appeal, the gold leafing, the finish, the design itself, and most importantly the making of this wonderful unit. This is all handcrafted which makes it a unique marvel. BUY NOW

2. Exclusive Victorian Sofa Set YT-669

Exclusive Victorian Sofa Set YT-669-E

Victorian Wingback Style Sofa Set with a classy Gold finish handcrafted from solid teak wood and a royal tufted back gives a luxurious look and aesthetic appeal to your living room. The Set includes-3 a seater large size couch, a 2-seater sofa, and 2 royal chairs, this exclusive Victorian sofa set has a large-size chaise lounge that looks stunning and breaks the monotony of the standard 7-seater living room sets.

The chesterfield style wingback design on the sofa, the velvet fabric, the crown at the center of all the units, and a diwan (chaise lounge) sets this Victorian sofa set apart from modern-day living room sets. SHOP NOW

3. Royal Dining Set YT-703

“Relaxed refreshed recharged” with this Royal Antique Dining Set

Royal Dining Set

Give a Stunning Royal Touch to Your Dining Room with Aarsun Real Royal Dining Set. The unit consists of a rectangular dining table with 8 carved chairs. This 8 Seater dining table set is beautifully carved by our skilled artisan and finished in walnut finish. The Chair has a beautifully Carved Lion face on the Handles and a Spiral Design on the side pillar. This one of the finest and fully Handcrafted luxury 8 Chair Dining Table Sets keeps the dining area’s atmosphere pleasant and enjoyable. BUY NOW

4. Classic White 6 Seater Dining YT-671

Classic Dining Set in White YT-670

The classic family Size Dining set is designed with a luxurious feel with elegance.

The classy white dining set is a 6-seater unit. The chairs are inspired by the Victorian era. The chair is painted in a matte white finish along with golden touch highlighting which gives depth to the ornate design of the unit. The white alone sometimes hinders the depth of the carving done on the units. However, with the use of gold touch, the dining chairs look stunning. The unit consists of 5 regular dining chairs and 1 master chair for the head of the family concept.

The dining table is as stunning as the dining chairs. The table is a 6x 4 feet marvel with curves on the legs and the top just like the dining chair. As per the demand of the design, the dining table has fewer golden highlights in comparison to the chairs. Watch this video here

5. Premium King-Size Bed with Gold Leafing YT-704

Premium King Size Bed with Gold Leafing

Get Delighted with Our Premium King Size Bed with Gold Leafing and bring your home a new level of Royalty in trend. Aarsun Premium King Size Bed completely carved out in teak wood Matte finish. It has a Hydraulic Storage Area. also, the Cushion is placed in the Middle for a Contemporary appeal. The Unit is designed with the elegance of luxury. Watch the full video here

6. Luxury Bedroom Set in One Frame YT-702C

Luxury Bedroom Set-B

Aarsun brings you a Luxury Bedroom Set completely carved out in teak wood in Off white with gold highlighting. Designed and crafted in Solid Teak Wood. The Bedroom Set includes King-Size Bed, 2 Side Tables, a Beautiful double-carved Bed Bench, and a Luxury Queen Dresser with Cushioned Stool. The Bed Storage is in Single Box with Dual Hydraulics on both Sides. The units are made by artisans with years of experience in woodworking, Everything is done by hand – drawing, cutting, carving, and polishing. BUY NOW

7. Complete Bedroom Set YT-665

Complete Bedroom Set Ultra Luxury Furniture-A

This bedroom set is inspired by Italian furniture design. This Complete Bedroom Set consists of a royal bed with nightstands, a beautiful dresser with completely cushioned sitting, an amazing TV unit, and the most comfortable bedroom chair with a table. The unit is handcrafted in double-seasoned teak wood and polished in five colors – off-white, golden, pink, green, and a little hint of blue. Multicolor shading is the main highlight of Italian furniture. BUY NOW

8. Classic Dresser in Solid Wood YT-654A

Classic Dressing in Solid Wood-C

Classic Designs are Forever. At Aarsun, we always try to provide what you want at home. We do not force something that does not feel right to you. A Luxurious Classical Victorian Dresser that entirely brighten-up up your bedroom in a royal manner. The Dresser is handcrafted by artisans from Saharanpur using chiseling tools and no CNC Router. The vanity/makeup table has beautiful curve handles which look equally amazing. SHOP NOW

9. Majestic Canopy Bedroom Set Queen Size YT-635

Image for Majestic Canopy Bedroom Set Queen Size YT-635

The bedroom unit is all designed and handcrafted from Teak wood for longevity and durability along with the premium teak finish. The unit is carved from all 3 sides with floral pattern woodworking by experienced master artisans of India. The footboard is higher than the regular beds you see on the internet and the headboard comprises 2 posters (pillars) and a Canopy ornate with peacock carvings all over.

The nightstands have a beautiful matching floral pattern and have 2 drawers each for ample storage space. The unit is comfortable, luxurious, long-lasting, and definitely a head-turner. BUY NOW

10. Luxury Dresser With Gold Leafing YT-678

Luxury Dresser With Gold Leafing YT-677

Luxury has many expressions. This Luxury dresser in particular is completely carved in teak wood with gold leafing. Each wood log is carved out by using hand-chiseling tools and transformed into such wonderful furniture units that are truly one of a kind. This is a custom dresser specially designed as per client specifications. This beautiful design will leaf everyone spellbound. SHOP NOW

I hope you like all these beautiful & Antique designs. If you want to see more designs or any kind of polish or fabric, you can see our website. You can find all the furniture of your choice here. Whatever fabric or polish you need, you can make according to your interior. Any kind of customization is Available only at Aarsun Woods.

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