5 Real Royal Sofa Sets that will Definitely Impress Your Guests

5 Royal Sofa Sets by Aarsun Handmade by Indian Artisans

Live in the lap of luxury with the Aarsun Sofa Collection

Sofa Set is part of all homes, and a Royal designer sofa can add style to your living room. The home furniture is part of your own lifestyle, how you want your guests to see your living. The choice of colors, fabrics, and designs all showcase your living style and everything should be a reflection of you. At Aarsun we give you the freedom to choose your designs, customize them, change colors, and select fabrics that match your style.

Grab a Chair! Sit back and enjoy the Sofa Set designs that will definitely stun your guests. We hope by the end, you will get your Sofa Set matching your life story!

So here we are to bring to you a list of our 5 Real Royal mesmerizing Sofa Sets.

1. Royal Premium Sofa Set YT-706

Comprising a comfortable three-seater sofa with a pair of 2 seater sofa, a unique settee, and a beautifully carved coffee table, this elegant sofa set is perfect for your living room. Handcrafted by expert artisans, each unit features strong and durable wood with gold paint.

Every Product of Ours is Original as each unit is hand-carved keeping in mind your own personality and sentiments. SHOP NOW

2. Living Room Luxury Sofa Set YT-708

The classic luxury sofa set design is a Maharaja Style as you can see from the Taj at the center of the three-seater, the two-seater as well as the two single-seater sofa units. The luxury Sofa is in Premium Solid Teak Wood. The center table as well as the side stools are no less than the artistic marvels of the 1800s Imperial Style. The carving is breathtaking all over the furniture unit. The fabric is always as per the client’s choice. The walnut finish on the unit complements the design. It’s a Completely Customized 7 Seater Sofa Set unit. BUY NOW

3. Ultra Royal Sofa Set in Red & Gold YT-467

The ultra-comfortable cushion work and eye-catching upholstery make our Ultra Royal Sofa Set worthy for the master living room. The unit consists of a 3seater, 2 chairs, and a carved center table. The table has beautifully carved legs, charming gold paint, and a durable and smooth tabletop that will entertain your living room. This sofa set is the best combination of royalty and quality. BUY NOW

4. Dual Shade Classic Dilwala Sofa Set YT-611B

Dual Shade Classic Dilwala Sofa Set YT-611B

The sofa set is a classic dilwala design from Saharanpur but with a personalized experience. The living room set is a 5 Seater (3+1+1) with a dual finish – Dark Walnut with Golden Highlights.

The  Dual Shade Classic Dilwala Sofa Set gets its name from the heart-shaped center and is easy to recognize when you look at the unit. It looks beautiful, and comfortable and is to be cherished for years and years as it is carved out from solid teak wood. Teak wood is known for its durability and termite resistivity. A little care of dry cotton cloth dusting will keep the unit as-is for many years. SHOP NOW

5. Handcarved Antique Gold Sofa Set YT-548


Aarsun Sofa Set Collection has a number of designs crafted by renowned artists. Our most appealing Sofa Set is in antique gold with detailed carving. Our expert craftsmen from Saharanpur are the ones behind this amazing classic antique gold sofa set in teak wood.

We excel in customization, and hence, the unit has a larger coffee/center table to give it a contrasting look. Our artisans makes these units keeping in mind the look and feel of the unit as specified by the client. No two units are the same as it is handmade. Watch the full video here

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5 royal sofa sets to impress your guests

I hope you like all these Royal & Premium designs. If you want to see more designs or any kind of polish or fabric, you can see our website. You can find all the furniture of your choice here. Whatever fabric or polish you need, you can make according to your interior. Any kind of customization is Available only at Aarsun Woods.

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