Om Jali Design OMJALI-101

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Jali designs can be customized as per size and idea choice, Om design is one of the most liked jali designs for homes or offices and even for mandir areas. Aum/ OM is the divine sound of creation, the original vibration of the universe that manifest the divine and used in most mantras as per Vedic scriptures. A design that has the effect of OM can give any place the divine look and in most places where spiritual Gurus and activities are performed, Om is present in some form, either in Jali design on the wall or written on the pillars and surrounding areas, Get your own Jali design as per decoration theme and colours of your choice. Also, the jali design can have images of the Gods or representations of them, like Mor Pankh or Bansuri for Lord Krishna, or Ganesha image as per the puja tradition and Isht Devta.


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