Compact Study Table / Laptop Desk / Bar Unit YT- 613

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  • Made from Sheesham wood with a high gloss finish
  • Carved from the sides as well
  • 3 Compartments at the top & 2 Compartments inside
  • Spacious Cabinet at the bottom
  • Pull-out drawer in the middle
  • Size: Details in Description Below



Compact Study Table that can be a Laptop Desk or even a Bar Unit

A beautiful classic compact table that can be many things at the same. It can be a Study Table for your kids. It can be a laptop desk for that work from home feel. It can be a writer’s desk for an article or a novel to be completed. It can even be a bar unit. In fact, the usage is only limited to your imagination.

The Study Table / Laptop Desk / Bar Unit is carved out from Sheesham Wood and has subtle carving all over. Even the sides have floral pattern. The top of the unit has 3 panel storage. The highlight is the center of the unit – the collapsible panel that is actually a Table Top. The whole structure is finished in high gloss finish.

The Mechanism

The unit has a simple mechanism. There are two sliding supports on both ends. The process is quite simple.

  1. When you need the table/desk, just pull-out the supports, and
  2. Lay down the Panel / Table Top over the two supports,
  3. and it is done. That is all. Nothing more.

And when you are finished doing your work,

  1. just lift up the table top with the help of the knobs securely placing it at the top,
  2. and then push the supports back inside.
  3. And you are done.

Just 2 Steps to Open and 2 Steps to close.

These study tables / office desk are a great addition to your place when you need a corner to focus. It can be for you or for your kids at home. Also, with Aarsun, you get to customize the study table as per your requirement.

Product Size Details

  • 3 feet left to right (91.44 cm / 36 inch)
  • 5 feet height (152.4 cm / 60 inch)
  • Front to back 16 inches (40.64 cm)
  • Platform Height 29 inches (73.66 cm)

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Antique Solid Wood Compact Study Table Laptop Desk Bar Unit, Top Quality Classic Design Solid Wood Study Table By Aarsun



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