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What is Mid century Furniture

Human minds are controlled by the conditions, environment & the political and economical situations of the world around them. After World War II, the human minds were looking for peace and tranquility and same was reflected in their furniture and home decor too. Natural looking wood furniture designs with smooth curves and light carving designs that provides a relaxed environment for home were referred as Mid Century Furniture.

Mid Century Modern Furniture Designs

Wooden mid century modern furniture is a perfect blend of style, functionality, and timeless beauty that fits well in modern style homes. With its natural looks, simpler designs tone and relaxed visuals, mid century modern designs are loved by the home owners across the globe.

Simple plain furniture with no designer work or distressed painted designs are not part of mid century furniture, basic reason is the ART WORK. A beautiful person or product always divert attention and eyes tell it all, the more still the eyes are, the more relaxed is the mind. When someone is on holiday and visit the areas with natural beauty like the hills, the eyes are always relaxed with watching something for a longer time with relaxed mind and nature has art work all over it.

So light art work with easy colors like the natural wood finish is the essence of mid-century furniture.

Aarsun Furniture

Aarsun Woods is a primary player in wooden furniture with International trademark in 35 countries and furniture exports to 55+ countries globally. The basic of Aarsun work is the wood carving art and the master artisans we have for more than 4 decades now. We make all types of furniture in solid wood that are latest designs, trending models, contemporary style, traditional designs, classical theme, vintage furniture, antique style furniture and even the most modern designer furniture. Best of all, everything is as per end user choice, be it the designs, size, colors or fabric options and we delivery globally at factory price in best quality.

In a short time of a few years when online business has gained popularity, Aarsun has taken its local art to global scale and have served thousands of clients in decorating their homes, globally. Check our Click HERE – Happy Clients list and what they have bought.

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