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Sofa price at Aarsun is as per your requirements. No two sofas are same as our artisans work on each unit by hand. Aarsun brings you highly customizable sofa designs at factory prices. And we deliver the sofa directly to your homes. We generally do not have sofa price on our listings. Because each home has different sofa requirements resulting in different price point for each person. Price of sofa and furniture varies as per the choice of design, color, fabric, number of seats and other related aspects. Our range starts approx 14,000 Rs. per seat for sofa and have a huge range of designs. You can contact us for information and requirement and we will be happy to discucss the requirement. Phone / Whatsapp/ Youtube / Instagram / Google / Telegram all modes of contacts available

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Sofa Sets Designs with Prices

When you are looking for a sofa set for your home, you require something that is stylish as well as match your budget. We have the best options of sofa sets designs with prices that are as per your budget and with home delivery globally. Get the best designs made to order as per your requirement in size, design, color, fabric, number of seats, options of center tables, coffee table, side tables, chaise lounge, settee, wooden bench. Everything as you require in factory price and export quality

Sofa Cost Calculation

When we are looking for a sofa we need to understand how the sofa cost is calculated. General trend in market and online also is per seat price. When the sofa set is standard setup like 3+1+1 or 3+2+1 or any other similar setup where we have similar design in all seats, a broad calculation of per seat is derived. For sofa cost calculation a simple way it per seat price multiplied by number of seats required. For example is a sofa is 15,000 Rs. per seat and you require a 5 seater the sofa cost for you is 75,000 for the whole set. If there are design pattern changes the price is calculated according to the requirement

Rich Look sofa set

Aarsun makes the top designer sofa sets and our designs are known to the most luxury sofa sets. There are thousands of pictures on our website from CLIENT TESTIMONIALS – CLICK HERE to check and these houses are designed by the top designers from across the globe. The Rich look Sofa set at factory price are available at Aarsun with latest and new designs in top quality

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