Credenza Cabinet Design

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What is Credenza Cabinet

Credenza word is from Italian language which broadly refers to Trust or Confidence. A safe cabinet to store food and crockery was a Credenza Cabinet in earlier times, used for the Royals and VIPs (Very Important People). Later Credenza cabinet design are in use for displaying expensive crockery and the cabinet top is in use for serving food in Dining area and also for decorative display.

Uses of Credenza Cabinet

Credenza Cabinet are sideboards with top drawers and lower part with glass doors, or without glass doors in use for storage and display. Most units are in wood traditionally with little art work as in Mid Century furniture. Broadly these cabinets are used for:

  1. Display of Crockery
  2. Serving table in Dining area
  3. Display of Decorative units like Insignia, Shields, trophies
  4. Tv credenza cabinets
  5. Wine Cabinet & Bar Table
  6. Other decorative storage purpose

Size of Credenza Cabinet

Mostly the Credenza units are mid sized 3 to 5 feet in length, height can be 2 feet or higher. Space available is an important factory for storage cabinets and sideboards, accordingly credenza are designed.

However Aarsun makes custom size designs, so any size the client requires as per the space can be made. Aarsun is an International Furniture brand with delivery network in more than 55 countries. Aarsun is a registered business trademark in 35 countries decorating homes worldwide with Made in India products.

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