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What is a Canopy Bed

A bed with a provision to hang bed curtains on all sides to make it a personal space inside the bedroom is a canopy bed. Designer 4 pillars and connecting top bars provide the bed a grand look. Also providing a provision to hang curtains, and the shape of canopy over the bed make it a Canopy bed or Poster bed

History of Canopy Beds

Not too long ago, Kings & Queens had huge bedrooms with security inside the bedrooms at all times, even at the time when they sleep. So beds were made with Curtains on all sides that provided them private space inside the bedrooms.

Why is Canopy bed called 4 poster bed

To hang the curtains on all 4 sides, top bars are required and to hold the top bars 4 pillars are used on all ends of the bed. These pillars are referred to as Posters and thus the name 4 Poster bed is derived.

What are the other names of Canopy bed

  • 4 poster Beds
  • Poster Bed
  • Mosquito Net Bed
  • Antique bed
  • Vintage Bed
  • Maharaja Bed
  • King Queen Bed
  • Fort / Palace bed

What is the size of Poster Bed / Canopy Bed

Usually the size of poster beds or Canopy beds are same as regular beds in India or abroad. They are taller as they require the pillars and the top bars. Mattress sizes remains the same, King size, Queen size, Super King size, Deluxe size, California King, Eastern King size bed or even custom size as required can be made.

Do Canopy bed have storage

Canopy beds or Poster beds are traditional designer beds and earlier there was no concept of storage in a bed. In modern times with the paucity of space and optimum use of home furniture, storage inside the bed is introduced.

Most canopy bed designs are vintage & antique designs and are elevated from the front. Modern beds with 4 pillars can be made with storage concept as they do not have the traditional design concept.

Brand Aarsun

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