latest wooden sofa designs for 2024

latest wooden sofa designs for 2024

A beautiful and latest sofa set adds charm and beauty to the living room of your home with its presence and beauty. Made from high quality teak wood and carefully crafted by skilled artisans from Saharanpur, these sofa sets are designed with artistic carvings on wooden frames. All the different types of sofa design elements can include patterns, artistic scrollwork or delicate accents in gold or silver leaf that add to its charm. If the seating arrangement in your house is luxurious and attractive then it reflects both your style and behavior. You can give a wonderful and attractive look to the living room of your house with a beautiful sofa set. Let us know about some of the latest sofa designs designed by Arsan, a world famous company for handmade furniture:-

Beautiful Masterpiece Sofa Set NT-039

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This latest sofa set from Arsan is a luxurious and beautiful sofa set made of high quality teak wood. This sofa set also includes two 3-seater sofas, two sofa chairs, an open-back set, a center table and two beautiful side tables. You can see that the base color of the design of this sofa is black. Although this sofa set is a modern sofa set but its design has been prepared in ancient classical style as per the choice of the customer. It has a glimpse of ancient gold leaf which showcases the handiwork and skilled craftsmanship of the artisans of Saharanpur.
You can see that this unit includes two 3-seater sofas, with different fabric used in each sofa. The cushions of this sofa are designed with fabric combination. 3 seater sofa of any sofa set provides utmost comfort.

Luxurious Wooden Sofa Set NT-29

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Introducing a luxurious and latest wooden sofa set made of high quality teak wood designed by Aarsun. This sofa set unit comprises of a three seater sofa, two sofa chairs, a chaise lounge, a beautiful center table and two side tables which is perfect to add charm and royalty to the spacious living room of your home.
This sofa set also includes a chaise lounge which has amazing hand carving and net carved pattern design. This set also includes a beautiful center coffee table and two attractive side tables that are not only an eye-catcher but also a functional addition to your living room. In the above image you can see that this set looks gorgeous with its deep polish and golden highlights. Floral print fabric applied as per customer’s choice adds to the beauty of this sofa set.

Red Oak Wood Sofa Set with Blue Fabric NT-027

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This red oak sofa designed by aarsun is truly a masterpiece! This set has been crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail. It is a symbol of beauty and sophistication. The selection of classical red oak wood used in its natural form exudes a timeless charm that resonates with the finest craftsmanship.

The navy blue royal fabric adorning this set adds a touch of regal luxury to your living room that perfectly complements the rich tones of red oak wood. The three seater sofa in this set, designed with its rounded carved edges and high back adorned with simple straight cushioning offers not only comfort but also a sense of sophisticated aesthetics. What makes this sofa stand out is its unique design element – the clean and fully covered back.

Unique Sofa Set in White Polish NT-008

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Introducing this exquisite and latest sofa set designed by aarsun which is a true testament of artistic innovation and elegance! Made from sturdy teak wood, its off-white polished finish complemented by shiny gold highlights all together create a striking contrast that is completely eye-catching. What makes this set unique is its uniqueness – this sofa set is different from all the traditional designs. The relaxing aura it emanates is enhanced by the vegan leather in beige fabric, providing a comfortable yet luxurious seating experience.

Designer Gold Sofa in Teak Wood top design

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Loved all over the world in the world of furniture design, Leatherette Carved Sofa Set in Gold Paint by Arson! It is no surprise that this set itself has such an adorable design that it wins hearts everywhere. This sofa is a unique blend of traditional charm and modernity while being luxurious and comfortable. What makes this set unique and different is the popularity of this sofa, it is the most loved design across the globe. It is much more than just a sofa set, it embodies the perfect blend of art and functionality. The way it enhances the interior decor of your living room is nothing less than magic. The guests visiting your home will definitely be mesmerized by its beauty and attracted towards its charm.

Finest Sofa Set for Luxury Homes LUXSF-0021

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Imagine you are entering your home living room and you are welcomed by this exquisite quality teak wood sofa set from aarsun a true masterpiece that defines luxury and elegance! Carefully crafted from premium quality materials, this latest sofa set will add charm to your living room. The durability of the teak wood used in this set ensures that this sofa set is not just a fleeting addition but a statement piece that promises to grace the living room of your home for many years to come. The rich gold finish on it is not only attractive but also makes it a focal point that exudes richness and sophistication. What really sets this set apart from the rest is its seamless blend of timeless design and modern charm.

Latest Carved Sofa Set in Gold Polish NT-020

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Imagine you are entering the living room of your home and being welcomed by aarsun’s latest offering which is a wooden sofa set with attractive gold polish.

Carefully crafted by skilled artisans from premium quality teak wood, this set is not only comfortable but is an experience that speaks volumes about the lifestyle of your home. The three two-seater sofas, adorned with intricate crown-shaped carvings on top, create a regal charm, reminiscent of the grandeur of the Maharaja’s court.

What really sets this set apart is its attention to detail – the heavy carvings add a sense of sophistication and cultural richness, making it much more than just a piece of furniture. The wing back design further adds to its charm, adding a touch of classic elegance to the ensemble.





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