10 Bold Living Room Furniture Design Trends for 2024

Trend is ever changing. Few of them stay over the years, and few of them visit us again and again after some years’ break. It is rightly said, ‘Fashion always repeats itself”. Besides, every year, we see new things adding to our living room palette and a few fading away. Aarsun has always offered things both trending and classic, and also keeping the evergreen designs within your grasp. Today, we bring you 10 bold living room furniture design trends for 2024 that you should consider while buying a new sofa set for your place.

1. Bold Jewel Tones

Royal Sofa Set With Tufted Back Rest


2024 will focus more on the jewel tones and shades such as royal blue, sappire blue and metallic gold. Of course, one can always go for the nature textures, but fabric in vibrant tones will be prominent.

2. Fluidity and Natural Shapes


latest sofa design round handle

Curves and natural designs will dominate the next year. This will bring a smoother and organic experience in our living rooms. And in addition to this, the curves brings a cosy feeling at home.

3. Connected to Nature and Sustainable Living

Red Oak Sofa Set with blue fabric

Just likes the cirves, the natural wood texture will be again in demand and as always looks stunning. Also, the fabric materials and the finish will be a lot more nature-specific.

4. Functional Furniture Integration

corner sofa concept design in green

The sectional sofa sets always brings amazing functional theme to our living rooms. You can rearrange the furniture as and when you like giving it a whole new look every time.

5.Monochromatic Magic

Luxurious Off-White Sofa Set Double Carved

Single color palette – the monochrome will be the talk of the masses. This theme is a versatile one and look gorgeous in a larger space setting. This also brings calming atmospher to your living room.

6.  Play with the Unexplored



Unique and unimaginable are curiously two distinctive and sometimes bold to think of. In 2024, there will be a demand of new and unique design (as always). The designs will be unique to our own persona and will work wonderfully in reflecting our personal thinking.

7. Bling will Never Go Out


Maharaja Luxury Sofa top design

The thought of having something royal, something majestic with lots of bling is always a dream. And we always have thought of having a grand look in our homes. So, the bling, the shiny, the lustre is evergreen and will remain as-is for many years.

8. Quality Never Goes Out Of Style


Premium Leather sofa set classical finish

We always try to bring something that is long lasting and sustains the theme of our living rooms for a longer period of time. This very thing will never go out. The fact that people are very aware of what they want in their homes and its quality, is a sign that quality truly never goes out of style.

9. The Art Deco Theme

French Design Luxury Sofa Set-D


The artistic themes like French and Italian classic will also be in trend in 2024. The classic themes are in a class of their own. They will seldom be replaced by something else. After all, the skillful art of woodowrking displayed by our artisans is something unusual and worth our appreciation.

10. Let’s not Forget the Luxury Touch and Shades

top designer sofa set gold leaf with center table

The luxury tones like metallic gold, gold leafing, the new and amazing champagne gold, the silver, as well as the wood tones really aren’t going anywhere. They are and will be the most sought after tones in 2024

Aarsun is into designer living room furniture making for more than 40 years. Our clients get to choose from different designs and with our expertise, create a new unique design for themeselves. Kindly contact us at +91-8192999135 (Call/WhatsApp) to order something unique for your living room too. You can also check our  YouTube channel for furniture videos and also our Testimonial page for more insights on how our furniture look when it reaches a client’s home.

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