5 Vastu Tips for Home Temple You Must be Aware of

5 Vastu Tips to follow to bring health and wealth to your home

Each Indian Home has its own place of worship. Temples bring positivity and peace at home. Temples are commonly to be seen in most places these days. Not only homes but also workplaces, hospitals, cafés, restaurants, and institutions; small and big have Wooden Temples.

Having Temple at Home is all about how to instill positive vibes at home and provide a space to connect with the Almighty. We make Temples as per your specifications as well as per Vastu. But there is a lot of confusion and misconceptions about how and where to place the Temple at home according to Vastu.

So, let’s start with 5 Vastu tips for home temple

1. The Height of the Temple

Shanku Chakra Mandir-B

The wooden temple should be kept at a height appropriate to the seating arrangement. It should be kept at a height right at the same level as a person’s chest sitting or standing in front of it. The basic idea is to have the Pooja Idols kept in front of the person. BUY NOW

2. Mandir Material


It is ideal to make temple in wood. According to Vastu Shastra, crafting a temple from wood bestows auspiciousness and imbues it with a higher religious significance. Sheesham Wood (Rosewood), among various other wood types, holds special auspiciousness for Home Temples. Nevertheless, you can construct the temple using any type of wood. Among all the woods, Temple making commonly refers to three types: Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood (Sagwan or Sagaun), and Mango Wood. BUY NOW

3. Home temple Directions

Image for Designer Pooja Mandir for Home

As per Vastu Shastra, in order to bring good luck at home, we should place Mandir at the northeastern or eastern corner of the home.Furthermore, we know that the northeastern side of a house brims with positive energy. It is important that deities face in the west and worshiper face in the east. The Diya should be placed/lit in a southeast direction. Pooja Room is a precious part of the home and a perfect place for worshiping God. Worshipers should always keep some insulation while praying or sitting in the Pooja room by using a mat or carpet or a small stool (pooja chowki). Full Video here

4. Say no to broken idols

Avoid placing cracked or damaged Idols (Khandit Murti) inside the temple. Also, avoid placing heavy Idols if possible as they might damage the Wooden Mandir. As per Vastu, it is inauspicious to place damaged mandir at home.

5. Temple Placing as Per Vastu

Temple should not be adjoining to the toilet or washroom; not even above or below it. Also, you should not place mandir in your bedroom. However, in case there is no other option or you have some space management issues, you can place the Temple at some height and cover it with curtains or a door to conceal the Idols from direct eye contact.

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