5 Unique Dining Chair Designs for a Lavish Lifestyle

5 Unique Dining Chair Designs

Aarsun brings a collection of Luxury Dining Chair Designs just waiting to get to your dining room.

Luxury dining chair collection with exclusive carving designs, endless customization options as per your choice, the top Dining Chair designs from the store of Aarsun, Hand carved and hand made with the latest paint techniques and classical carving art, we make the most beautiful home furniture for the best interior designers and architects.

So here we are to bring to you a list of our 5 Unique Dining Chair Designs.

1. King & Queen Dining Chair Set YT-580

King & Queen Dining Chair Set YT-580

The King’s Dining Chair has grand Lions on each side whereas the Queen’s Dining Chair has beautiful Swans on each side. Not only the front and sides but the back is fully carved as well. Everything you see here is hand-carved by Saharanpur artisans having decades of experience with hand-chiseling and woodworking. Watch full video here

2. Wooden Stylish Dining Chair YT-598A

Wooden Stylish Dining Chair YT-598A

A Beautifully handcrafted Dining Chair in premium teak wood with a honey finish and classic floral upholstery. The design and the finish are unique as always. Aarsun has a history of providing unique dining chairs to all of our clients. This in particular has curved Queen Anne-style legs and handles which makes it a Master Dining Chair. Also, on the handles, the chair has cushions for extra comfort. SHOP NOW

3. Carved Dining Chairs in White & Beige YT-433


Aarsun presents you with something different than usual this time. Our skilled artisans have designed Distressed Carved Dining Chairs as per the buyer’s requirement. The unit consists of 6 chairs- 4 regular chairs and 2 master chairs. Moreover the fabric is buyer’s choice. BUY NOW

4. White Finish Master Chair with golden Highlights DNGC-0017

White Finish Master Chair with golden Highlights UH-DNGC-0017

Handcrafted White Finish Master Chair made by skilled artisans in premium quality teak wood.  A Master chair can serve many different purposes. If you have a formal dining room, your dining chair is often only used for special occasions. Also, if it’s part of a kitchen dining set, it probably sees a lot of action — everything from game night to daily family meals. Dining room furniture is among the most stylish and functional types of furniture in the home. SHOP NOW

5. Royal Dining Chair in Teak Wood DNGC-0001

Royal Dining Chair in Teak Wood UH-DNGC-0001

Aarsun introduces a premium range of Handcrafted Royal Dining Chairs designed specifically for your home.  A simple dining Chair that has a brick fireplace in your dining area. The dining table is the center of a family’s home, and these chairs will last for generations.

Our Handcrafted Dining Chair will instantly add warmth and contemporary elegance to your dining area with its beautiful wood finish. In addition to this, the natural wood finish is an elegant touch and stylish addition to your dining room decor. BUY NOW

I hope you like all these beautiful designs. If you want to see more designs or any kind of polish or fabric, you can see our website. You can find all the furniture of your choice here. Whatever fabric or polish you need, you can make it according to your interior. Any kind of customization is Available only at Aarsun Woods.

Contact us for customizations. We will deliver the Royal & Classic Furniture to your doorstep.

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