20 Amazing Royal Sofa Sets that Will Blow Your Mind

Royal is a state of comfort, a sense of content, and elegance. A royal design sofa set gives an eye-catching look to the living room area and remains the center of attraction as soon as someone enters our living room. Therefore, it is important to balance comfort with attractiveness to get the best possible effect. At Aarsun, we feel that each home deserves a unique sofa set type as each home has a unique story behind it. Here you will find Royal and Carved sofas for every budget, every interior design, and every type of space, whether you are looking for an open-layout living room or a small apartment. Also, check out our latest blog on Top 20 Royal Bedroom Chairs!

Today we bring you Customized Royal Sofa Designs in a wide range of Colors and Fabrics. Let’s take a look:

20 Amazing Royal Sofa Sets that Will Blow Your Mind!!!

1. Champagne Gold Royal Sofa Set

Sofa Sets that Will Blow Your Mind - Champagne Gold Royal Sofa Set YT-646-E

The Champagne Gold Royal Sofa set is a great fusion of luxury and comfort. This is carved out in premium quality teak wood. The unit consists of 3 seaters, two 2 seaters, one settee, two center tables, and 2 side tables. The backrest of the sofa set has tufted quilting.

To emphasize the traditional look, the unit is painted in champagne gold with suede fabric. Instead of the regular leg support, the sofa unit has the entire base carved out in a beautiful winding design. Buy Now

2. Designer Sofa Set in One Frame

Vintage Sofa Set Design for the Carving lovers

Sofa Sets that Will Blow Your Mind - Wooden Designer Sofa Set

Aarsun offers the top Antique Wooden Furniture – sofa collection from the designer catalog of sofa designs available globally. Teak wood double carved Wooden Designer Sofa made by master artisans to offer you the best in class models. Full Video

3. Latest Royal Sofa Set in Unique Lustre


A royal sofa set is an essential element in the living room that defines the overall mood and tone of your home. It is a must-have furniture piece for every home, as you will find some of the best sofas online from Aarsun Woods, which will be the center of attraction for your guests to gaze on. Besides proffering comfort, a modern sofa set provides plush comfort, so that your guests feel special every time they are at your home.

4. Wooden Sofa Cum Bed in Unique Color & Shine


Wooden Sofa cum beds are the perfect addition to your home furniture. From a purely functional perspective, sofa cum beds offer multiple unique purposes beyond just being a regular sofa. Ideal for homes without a lot of space, sofa cum beds can be utilized both as a sofa and a bed. Also, the bed portion of the sofa cum bed can be used as a stand-alone settee or a bed bench wherever you would like to place the unit. A popular addition in contemporary homes, sofa cum beds also add a lot of visual splendor to your space. Buy now

5. Wooden Royal Gold Sofa Set

Wooden Royal Gold Sofa Set YT-625

Aarsun Introducing Wooden Royal Gold Sofa Set with new GOLD RUSH COLOR. This set features three 2-seater sofas and one open-back settee. We used ultra-comfortable foam and elegant fabric as per the client’s requirement. Beautiful symmetric carving and tufted quilting back give the entire set a royal yet subtle look. Buy now

The main highlight of the set is the dual color tone- a new gold base with brown highlights and in gloss finish.

6. Unique Rose Gold Sofa Cum Bed

Unique Rose Gold Sofa Cum Bed YT-624

Luxurious and practical, the Double Carved Wooden Sofa Cum Bed will add a lavish look to your Living Room. The unit is designed in premium quality teak wood with antique rose gold paint. This set consists of one 3-seater sofa cum bed, 2 single chairs with the large center table customized according to the customer’s choice. Buy now

7. Classic 9-Seater Sofa Set

Classic 9 Seater Sofa Set YT-620

Aarsun brings you a Classic 9 Seater Sofa set amazingly hand-carved by Indian artisans. The beautiful design, the unique dual-tone finish, the classic leatherette upholstery, and the trust of your own home brand – Aarsun.

The unit is actually a blend of classic and modern style – the design being fully hand-carved but with a dual-tone finish with dark leatherette giving it a classy and royal feel. The 9-seater classic sofa set has a wider 3-seater, 2-seater, 2 Maharaja chairs, and a both-sided open-back settee. Watch the Full video here

8. Royal Gold Sofa Set Design

Royal Gold Sofa Set Design YT-619

The premium sofa set in royal gold includes a 3-seater couch, 2 maharaja chairs, and an open back settee for an uninterrupted view. The unit is fully carved out by artisans from Saharanpur. The tufted back and large sitting space give utmost comfort and the design, fabric and antique gold finish bring a royal feeling to your living room. Watch the Full video here

9. 9 Seater Royal Sofa Set in Matte Finish

9 Seater Royal Sofa Set in Matte Finish YT-617

The Sofa Set is handcrafted in premium quality Teak wood with beautiful Upholstery as per the client’s choice. The Exclusive 9 Seater Royal Sofa Set includes – 3 Seater Sofa + 2-2seater sofas + 2 single sofa chairs + Center Table + Side tables. The state-of-art Living Room Set has a contemporary style. Buy now

10. Royal Sofa Set in Chesterfield Style

Wooden Royal Chesterfield Sofa Set

The royal sofa set in chesterfield style is a 3-Seater with subtle gold paint. The gold color you see here is not at all gaudy and looks very elegant and adds charm to the overall look and feel of the royal sofa. This sofa set in particular is a very comfortable unit and is very different from our traditional royal crown sofa set (the Maharaja Sofa) as it does not have the crown in the middle. Buy now

11. Teak Wood 3 Seater Sofa Set


Bring the most stylish 3 Seater Royal Sofa Set to your home. A tufted back, curved arm, and beautiful fabric enhance the beauty of the sofa. This dark fabric Royal sofa will retain its deep color. This is a masterpiece designed by our skilled artisans. The unit can be customized as per your requirement. Buy now

12. Dual Shade Classic Dilwala Sofa Set


Aarsun brings you a designer Sofa Set in Dual Shade Finish. The sofa set is a classic dilwala design from Saharanpur but with a personalized experience. The living room set is a 5 Seater (3+1+1) with a dual finish – Dark Walnut with Golden Highlights.

The Dual Shade Classic Dilwala Sofa Set gets its name from the heart-shaped center as can be seen on all the units visible. It looks beautiful, and comfortable, and is cherished for years and years as it is carved out from solid teak wood. Buy now 

13. Unique Royal Couch

Gold color becoming a popular trend in home furniture design

Unique Royal Couch

Antique Champagne color is a mixture of yellow and orange which closely resembles beige. The couch has a Beautiful Tufted back adjoining the carved pull-out drawer. Additionally giving your living room a serviceable atmosphere is the pull-out drawer for odds and ends. The antique color collection and beautifully carved center are the main highlights of the couch. This is an exclusive piece of furniture in our collection. Buy now

14. Premium 4+1+1 Sofa Set

Premium 4+1+1 Sofa Set YT-574

A Subtle yet Classy Sofa Set that will definitely help you revamp your living room into something incredible. The Premium 4+1+1 Sofa Set is the highlight of the unit. We usually do not recommend it for smaller spaces but when you have a large room or a hall and looking to fill up the space in style, you should very much go for the 4-seater couch.

The 4-seater has a depth of 30 inches which is wider than usual and provides extra comfort and luxury. Apart from the 4 seaters, the living room set has 2 Sofa Chairs with a broader sitting space than usual matches perfectly with the wide 4 seater couch. And then comes the center table or coffee table. The 3½ Feet Square top of the table provides ample space to cater to everyone around. Watch the full video here

15. Innovative Sofa Cum Bed


Comfort and style along with defined space, this Sofa Cum Bed sofa is a perfect furniture piece for any living room. Innovative Design Wooden Sofa cum Bed looks very graceful and is fully carved.

we always try to innovate so that the classic notion of hand-carving goes hand-in-hand with the modern necessities. Sofa cum Beds available in the market have channels and because the units are heavy, if a person is not carefully sliding the box in, it ends up jammed up. This particular issue led us to grab our thoughts and we came up with a solution.

That is right. This sofa cum bed does not have channels on the sides. In fact, the whole box part can be detached in just 10 seconds. This innovative design has wheels at the base of the box. So instead of channels, wheels help us slide the box inside. And it is pretty easy. Also, the box is not physically bolted to the sofa portion. Just lift a little from both sides and slide the box part out.

As far as the design goes, it is handcrafted from premium quality teak wood by a skilled craftsman from Saharanpur. This furniture unit has a charming design. It also comes with a very comfortable backrest. The front base consists of floral carving similar to the upper back. The unit is supported by beautifully carved legs. Watch the full video here

16. Handcarved Antique Gold Sofa Set


Our most appealing Sofa Set is in antique gold with detailed carving. The Classic Antique Gold Sofa Set is handcrafted in Teak wood by our experienced craftsmen at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

At Aarsun, we always bring you something unique, something that will change the entire look of your living room. The Maharaja Sofa Set is the right example of how a traditional classic design at Aarsun can be made as per your requirement.

17. Exemplary State-of-the-Art Living Room Set Curved Couch Set


The most appealing Sofa is Set in golden and floral pattern fabric. The Classic Maharaja Sofa Set is handcrafted in Teak wood by our experienced craftsmen at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Maharaja Sofa Set is the right example of how a traditional classic design at Aarsun can be made as per your requirement. The exemplary craftsmanship by our artisans, the dark paint as well as the royal gold fabric on the set, sets the whole unit apart from the other sets you usually see in the stores. Buy now

18. Royal Gold Italian Style Sofa Set 5 Seater

Royal Gold Italian Style Sofa Set 5 Seater

Introducing the Italian Style Sofa Set with detailed carving for your luxury apartment. This Italian Royal Sofa Set is designed in teak wood with an antique gold finish. Antique gold tends to be warmer than modern gold, more coppery, and less yellow in tone. Antique gold adds a rich touch to your living room. Buy now

19. Royal Couch Unique Luxurious Masterpiece


Optimize the decor of your living room with our exclusive range of sofa sets that are bound to enhance its look. The sofa set is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Gold Royal Couch Unique Luxurious Masterpiece / Sofa set in a beautiful fabric with classic curved arms and tuft backs with buttons brings enormous charm to your living room and is a handcrafted masterpiece by our skilled artisans. The unit is made from premium quality teak wood and gold polish. Buy now

20. 2 Seater Stylish Sofa Set Sitting Room Baithak


The 2 Seater Stylish Royal Sofa Set is made of premium quality Teak wood (Hardwood) with floral carving. It has an elegant design that enhances the interior decor of your living room. We have a number of designs for the Carved Wooden Baithak Sofa Set. As we are the manufacturers, each Wooden Sofa can be specifically made as per your home requirements. Watch the full video here

I hope you like all these designs. If you want to see more designs or any kind of polish or fabric, you can see our website. You can find all the furniture of your choice here. Whatever fabric or polish you need, you can make it according to your interior. Any kind of customization is Available only at Aarsun Woods.

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