10 Luxury Sofa Sets Customized Just for You

Explore the collection of luxury sofa sets, where we offer custom designs tailored just for you. Our team of expert craftsmen and designers works tirelessly to ensure that every piece is unique, stylish, and comfortable.

Here is the list of 10 Luxury Sofa Sets that will definitely turn your heads:

A Truly Majestic Ultra Luxurious Sofa Set 360-degree fully hand-carved in premium quality teak wood and painted in antique gold paint.

2. Gold Leafing Luxury Sofa Set YT-690


Get Delighted with Our Luxurious Wooden Sofa Set with Gold Leafing/Gilding and bring your home a new level of Royalty in trend. The unit has designed in premium quality teak wood with beautiful fabric and a tufted quilting back for extra comfort.

3. Royal Sofa in Chesterfield Style CHT-003

Royal Sofa in Chesterfield Style

Royal Sofa in Chesterfield Style / Wooden Couch in a beautiful Red fabric bringing in enormous charm to your living room. An amazing handcrafted marvel with a buttoned-up tufted back and classic curved handles.

4. Elegant Carved Sofa Set with Center Table YT-749

Elegant luxury Sofa Set with Center Table

A luxury carved sofa set with a center table and the red fabric is a beautiful and elegant addition to any living room. The set includes 3 sofas, and a center table, all of which are intricately carved with detailed designs and patterns.

5. Golden Luxurious Sofa Set YT-740

Luxurious Sofa Set

Introducing the ultimate statement piece for your living room: our Golden Sofa Set. This elegant set is designed to bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space.

6. Luxury Sofa Set with Center Table YT-726

Gold Sofa Set with Center Table

This Gold Sofa Set gives a completely unique look to your living room. Bespoke sofa designs are custom-made as per the client’s choice. This color looks good in a contemporary as well as a modern theme.

7. Luxury Italian Style Sofa Set with Gold Leafing YT-682


This ginormous royal Italian sofa set is a great example of how incredible our Indian woodworking is. This beautiful hand-carved unit has everything you can expect to see in an Italian-style living room unit. The grand couch, the Maharaja Chairs, the equally stunning side tables, and a magnificent center table frame – this is as luxurious as it can get.

8. 10-Seater Royal Sofa Set YT-582


A Royal Concept Sofa Set in Antique Gold Finish – one of our most liked finishes globally. This is not a regular sofa set of 3+1+1. This royal sofa set has a large 3 seater couch, a 2 seater couch, 2 Maharaja Chairs, a wide 3 seater open back Settee, a center table, and a side table.

9. Curved Luxury Couch Set YT-542

Curved Luxury Couch Set

The most appealing Sofa Set in golden and floral pattern fabric. The Classic Maharaja Sofa Set is handcrafted in Teak wood by our experienced craftsmen at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

10. Royal Sofa Set in Antique Gold YT-488

Royal Sofa Set in Antique Gold

Aarsun brings to you a traditional and comfortable Royal Sofa Set in Antique Gold for your living room. The 5-seater sofa set is made of premium quality Teak wood. It has an elegant design that enhances the interior decor of your living room.


We have more than 200+ sofa set designs that can be customized into hundreds more as per your choice. Visit aarsunwoods.com/product-catego and select what best suits you. Call or WhatsApp us at +91-8192999135 for customization and door delivery options.

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