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What is Chesterfield design

Chesterfield sofa design are classical designs in tan leather with tufting and criss cross design pattern in fabric. Most of the designs are fully cushioned with no visible wood made for comfortable sitting.

Modern Chester Design sofas

Chesterfield sofas in modern era are being made with ply frame and full cushion designs with multiple fabric colors. Leather options are also available making it classical brown look and multiple shades of black, grey and blue are also used.

Modern designs do not have much use of wood and if the frame is wooden they are mostly of cheaper quality as the wood is not visible.

Aarsun Sofa

Aarsun makes chesterfield in new patterns with touch of elegance of wood carving. Full cushion designs are quite monotonous as they are mostly visible everywhere. Same designs are same patterns or in other words regular furniture is for homes that do not have much home decor theme.

Aarsun sofa designs are in solid wood with visible wood carving along with chesterfield sofa design to make them look outstanding. To get something with your personal style contact us and we will make what you like, in terms of size, colors, designs and fabric choice – ✆ +91 819 299 9135 

Classic Chesterfield Sofa Set in Leatherette


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