Incredible Radha Krishna Statue

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  • Aarsun offers a incredible Radha Krishna Statue made of high-quality brass with intricate beadwork and artificial stones.
  • The statue comes in standard sizes suitable for various spaces.
  • The cost depends on details like antique finishing, polishing, and design features.


You have seen brass statues everywhere – in decorations, temples, airports, lounges, hotels, restaurants, and other places, including small statues in temples as well. These statues are available in standard sizes. Aarsun brings you a Incredible Radha Krishna Statue is designed in super fine quality brass with beadwork and artificial stones, all amazingly done by hand. This adds significant value to the artwork.

The cost of the statue varies based on the level of detail, including antique work, polishing, and fine PU design and many more.

Width (left to right): 13 inches
Depth (front to back): 6 inches(of the base)
Height: 2 feet

When discussing the size of the statue, it refers to its height proportion. We offer statues in normal brass as well as super fine quality, with additional enhancements such as beadwork, classical design, and antique styling available. The price of each unit depends on the level of workmanship and detailing applied to the statue. Get your brass statur delivered right to your doorstep worldwide! Enjoy our clear and fair prices – no middleman, just the best factory prices. For more brass statue designs click here.

We have numerous designs available on our website, or you can choose from designs on the internet, and we will get it for you.

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