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Oonjal Designs Unjal Models latest trending classical Wooden with Chain

Oonjal is one special home furniture product that has been used traditionally for centuries in Indian homes across the globe. Wooden Oonjal designs at home can make the whole place attractive and is liked by kids, adults and elders, so everyone loves unjal.

Oonjal has special place in heart of any family, as kids fight for sitting on unjal, elders love their morning newspaper on an oonjal and adults sit an relax on an unjal getting some time from their hectic life schedule.

Place of Use for Oonjal

Oonjal are traditionally placed in the open areas like Veranda, Courtyards of house, Villas, Kothis where there is some open space on ground floors. In modern times, where open houses are mostly in smaller towns & outskirt areas and flats, apartments, penthouse culture is quite popular, oonjal are placed in Living rooms mostly. Oonjal Swings are also used along with living room furniture, designed in similar theme as living room sofa to match the decoration theme of the place. Balconies, Porch and parking areas are also used to placed oonjal for some quite and peaceful time and light swing always relax the mood.

What type of Oonjals are available

Oonjals are broadly of 2 types, ceiling hanging or stand unjal swing designs. Ceiling hanging oonjal are either like open wood plank or swing seat with backrest. Stand swings comes in heavy designs with double pillars and wide top design in the oonjal itself or single pillar swing with designer bar on top that holds the seat swing chair. Sizes are mostly 2 seaters for oonjal or 2.5 seaters, bigger units can be made on order; however they cover a lot more space as 3 seater oonjal are also used as Swing beds.

Chain options for Oonjal

Aarsun makes top of the line designs for oonjal for home decoration and brass chain is the most liked option for hanging swing seat. Chain is available in glossy gold finish as well as Antique finish to provide the Vintage Oonjal look. Home decorators love the brass designs options that has peacock designs, animal figures for designer homes, and for modern homes, plain rods and minimal design chains are preferred. Aarsun has all options for the oonjal chains in brass and provide as per the requirement of the length of chain and deliver worldwide with home delivery option at factory price.

How to install Oonjal

For ceiling oonjal a provision for hook is required on top from which the chain and swing chair is hung. This provision can be provided at the time of house construction, if the option is not available then we have other options for Swing hooks for ceiling that are installed with fasteners. Heavy duty swing hooks with very good weight capacity and bearing inside for smooth movement, works amazingly for oonjal and home decor as well. We have delivered a huge number of oonjal chains across the globe and decorated homes for the clients with our amazing range of oonjal chain designs at factory price. For all chain designs Please CLICK HERE 

For oonjal with stands, Aarsun makes easy installation units as we are exporters and we understand that out of India- handyman, carpenters and professional help is quite costly. Thus we make them in easy installation, though a couple of additional help non technical would be required to hold the parts, as stands swings are solid wood and heavy in weight.

For more designs please CLICK HERE to check our complete range of Jhula Swing OONjal Unjal collection and get them customized as per your own choice with respect to size, designs, unit colors, fabric colors and patterns and get door delivery across the globe in solid teak wood and sheesham wood, and best of all at Factory prices.

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