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What is Mandala Art

Mandala is a word from Hindu scriptures and broadly refers to the Art of Universe. Mandal or Mandala in English is the reference to the drawing of universe as per the ancients who saw how Universe looks with their Divine vision. The Saur mandal (Solar System) or Tara mandal (Constellation) are some example of the origin of Mandala Art. And both of these have references and drawings in the ancient literature of Sanatan Dharm or HInduism, later Buddhism also.

In modern times the mandala art is in form of geometric patterns within a circle in symmetric shapes. A simple example of the same can be referred to the Rangoli design in Indian homes also known as Muggulu, Kolam, Alpana and Rangavalli in different parts of India.

Furniture & Mandala Art

Wood Carving has always provided a different look to home furniture and the designs have inspirations mainly from Nature. Artwork design of leaves, petals, flowers, plants, birds, animals, angels, fishes and human forms is visible in the most ancient artistic work of human life on earth. Universe has always fascinated the humans and there is always a curiosity to know what is beyond what we can see.

Ancients humans have drawn the universe patterns with their Divine Knowledge in the times when there were no Rockets and Space-crafts. The same patterns are used in Mandala Art form and is also used in Home furniture.

mandala art furniture

Brand Aarsun

Aarsun is in wood carving furniture business for 4 decades and have promoted the local art across the globe. With the advent of Internet and social media, the artistic designs of Aarsun furniture has reached across  the globe. With furniture orders from World-wide and business trademark in 35 countries, Aarsun has served clients in 55+ countries already.

Get the best designer furniture from the huge collection of Aarsun, customize the designs as per your liking. Size, Design, Colors, Patterns, Fabrics all as per clients choice and global door delivery. Aarsun has got many awards for promoting the artwork and generating work for the local artisans.

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