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Wooden Bookshelf – The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Elegance

Books are called Human’s best Friends and what is more amazing than a nice book shelf in your home. Bookshelf designs not only showcases your love for books, but provides the place the most deserving look for a book lover. Books are not kept in dark storage; they are displayed properly to showcase their value. Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Politicians, Spiritual Gurus, Historians, Archaeologists, Philosophers, Writers, Podcast Youtubers,  Professionals and even Civil Services Aspirants, all have a number of books. The kind of book we read, makes us the kind of person we are, and thus books require proper placement in our homes.

Aarsun makes the most decorative book Shelf designs, Book Display Units, Book Rack, Book Cabinet designs, Book Organizer, Book Furniture, book stand, for homes and offices. Most important part of creating a book shelf is to understand the space requirement, the size of books and the room decor that would define the design of the book unit. Traditionally wooden book shelves are preferred for book furniture and light carving designs, glass doors, little highlights on carving and pillar designs are most liked concepts.

Design details of Book Shelves

Books Shelves represents knowledge, confidence, creativity, competence and desire to grow. Each part of book shelf design has a special significance and book units are designed with few basic points.

  1. Pillar designs – Pillar refers to the strength and decorative pillars represents creative strength. Books enhances our knowledge provides strength to our thought process, generates confidence in our daily lives. Our public life that depends on how we carry ourselves and how and what we talk. All these are somewhere linked to our study of life and this could be from books we read or the life lessons we learnt. Thus in book shelves pillars are always a liked concept to match with the theme behind the books in our homes
  2. Decorative top designs – Books takes us to the top, most scholars have reached top levels with high study they have done through their lives, and the knowledge makes people creative. They can showcase their talent at different stages of life be it family or the large public meetings. Decorative top signifies the creative mind that can reach the top level in any area.
  3. Shelves Pattern – Shelves can be straight or in designer pattern like S shape or U shape or some other pattern that indicates the creativity of a person. Most professionals love to keep books in straight line depicting that each book is important. Holy books though have special significance are kept in a separate area sometimes a special area designed for them, like the Rehal or a book stand (traditional book holder) cross holder shaped book rack.
  4. Doors designs – Book shelves are showcases and closed solid doors that are opaque are not recommended for book furniture. Books provide enlightenment and they should not be kept in dark areas, like closed storage. Transparent Glass doors are used for book Display units if the door wardrobe type book shelves are designed

Where to Keep Your Wooden Bookshelf:

  • Living Room: The living room is a perfect place for a wooden bookshelf, as it allows you to display your books prominently, showcase your love for books to your visitors, while creating a focal point in the room. Any wall or a corner can be used for book shelf displaying your life style and your scholar personality.
  • Home Office or Study Room: Books belongs to library small or big, home library or the public library, and if you have a dedicated home office or study area, a wooden bookshelf is a must have in such a place for your own library. It adds the required touch of elegance to the Study room or the home office defining the style of yourself
  • Bedroom: There are a whole lot of people who cannot sleep before reading something that is the kind of love they have for their books and a book-shelf in bedroom serves the purpose. Easy to access and a place to keep the book back, organize the books in one place and be close to what you really love – Reading.
  • Professional Offices – Most professionals have plethora of books that they need time to time for reference and further studies. A nice book shelf helps to organize the books properly, easy access and keep them safe, besides providing the decorative look to the office space for the visitors.

Why Choose Aarsun Woods for your Book Shelf:

Aarsun is the top International brand in hand-carved furniture made to order as per client’s requirement. Most book shelf designs are made as per the space and the personal choice of the end user. People who love books also want their book shelf to define and represent their personal style. Aarsun has been making bespoke furniture for the global clients as per their size, designs, color requirement and delivering across the globe. With business trademark in 35 countries and export footprints in 55+ countries, we have decorated thousands of homes with our top quality furniture at factory prices.

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