Common Questions Answered

What is Your Return & Refund Policy?

We have a lucid return & refund policy. Click here for details.

We know “frequently asked questions” section sometimes does not cover everything you want to know. But it gives you an idea about what to expect from the products and services.

We hope to resolve some of the frequently asked questions you might have in mind that are a breeze to get through now. Still have Queries?? Contact us now +91-819 299 9135 (WhatsApp Available) or comment below.

Where can I track my shipments?

We provide tracking information to all our customers. The tracking number provided can be traced onto the respective courier websites. It usually takes 24 hours for the tracking number to get updated onto the courier website servers.

How safe is your Packing & Delivery?

We provide Wooden Crate Packing. The layered packing safeguard the unit from any mishaps in transit. The product reaches you safely. All of our shipments are done by professional courier partners like FedEx and BlueDart. We provide tracking information once the unit is dispatched.

Except for any special deliveries, if  the delivery person ask for extra amount in cash or by card from you, contact us before giving them the money.

How many days for Delivery?

The unit takes 7-10 business days for delivery in India. It might be longer due to natural or any other unforeseen issue. In such cases, you can contact us for the exact delivery time frame. For Global Shipments, click here

How much time it takes to manufacture the product?

It totally depends on the requirement. If a unit is ready, it may take 2-3 business days to get it dispatched. For large units or customization, it may take 3-5 weeks.

Where can I physically see the products?

We provide global shipping. We have our set up in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. You can visit our facility in Saharanpur to physically have a look at our products. This way you can witness the quality we provide and how are the products made. It is a very exciting process as it is all handcrafted.

How can I make the payments? / Payment Options?

You can safely make the payments online. All Debit / Credit Cards accepted. Options like Online Bank Transfer, Western Union are also available on request.

How can I get Best Discounts?

Check for Discounts on the Product Page and Available Coupon Codes. Or, Call us at +91-819 299 135 for best Offers. Our representatives will be more than happy to help you.

What Wood is Used?

The units are handmade in Sheesham, Teak, Mango, Haldu & MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The material used depends on your requirement and the design.

Can I customize the Product?

Yes. The units are highly customizable. They can be made as per your need. Please note that customization takes time. It depends on the size and work to be done.

Top 35 TV Units

How to choose a TV Unit?

Tv units are chosen based on size requirement and design choice based on LED tv size, space available and height as per tv placement  (wall mounted or table mounted)

Which wood is best for TV unit?

Nothing beats solid wood when it comes to durability and Teak wood is considered best for home furniture, if you are looking for some carving designs, plain units can also be made in Sheesham wood or plywood with veneer / laminated mdf / HDMR

Should a TV unit be wider than the TV?

As there are LED Tvs these days, so size of Tv unit does not matter much as Tv units are broadly for the decoration purpose. Devices that required storage like DVD players, set-top boxes are getting obsolete nowadays and mostly the Tvs are wall mounted. If the Tv is placed on the table then the size of the Tv unit should be little wider than the actual length (left to right size) of the unit.

How is the size of LED Tv measured with respect to Tv unit

The size of any LED Tv is measured diagonally so any lower corner to the opposite upper corner is the size of a Tv. Length and breadth are not calculated for standard tv sizes mentioned on the box. For tv unit the actual length (left to right) is measured.

What should be the height of Tv when placed on a wall.

Tv height on wall is simple to calculate, when you are sitting on your couch your eye level should be the center of the tv. High or low placed tv units are not comfortable for eyes and neck. For broad calculation, if an average size person sitting on a couch, the eye level would be between 4 feet to 5 feet. So center of Tv between 4 to 5 feet height from the ground is good height considering the family

What are TV units also known as?

TV units are also known as entertainment units, TV consoles, TV stands, or TV cabinets.

Do I really need a tv unit ?

If you are not wall mounting the TV then TV unit is a really required. For Wall mounted LEDs, Tv units are good if you have gaming consoles, set-top box, Music systems as they can be easily placed close to Tv. Also the place underneath the Tv can be used for home décor items and collectibles like trophies, vases etc. Remotes and other accessories can be put in drawers for easy access.


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