Explore These 10 Luxury Dining Set Designs to Upgrade Your Dining Room

Our dining rooms are one of the best places to connect with our family members. After all the ups and downs of the day, all the family members can sit together and enjoy the meal. It is rightly said, ‘A family that eats together stays together’. Keeping the magic of the dining room alive, we bring you 10 luxury dining set designs to upgrade your dining room style.

1. Handcrafted Royal Dining Set in Antique Gold YT-376


Handcrafted Royal Dining Set in Antique Gold Finish UH-YT-376

Presenting a luxurious doubled carved dining set in antique gold and premium floral blue fabric. This amazing dining set design reflects the rich artistic craftsmanship offered by local artisans of India at Aarsun. This majestic double carving concept cannot be achieved using machines.

2. Luxury Dining Set with Gold Leafing YT-770

Luxury Dining Table set in Gold

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury feeling at home, you will definitely like this amazing dining set. The dining set is handcrafted in solid teak wood just like our other dining table chair sets. But this one is a little extra in terms of luxury. This beauty has the famous gold leaf work which give it an extra edge when compared to the other luxury dining sets.

3. Splendidly Carved 10 Seater Dining Set YT-372

The splendidly carved 10-seater dining set has dining chairs again carved on both sides for a 360-degree view and a solid wood large dining table with intricately carved frame and supporting legs. The unit has off-while leatherette fabric bringing elegance to the grandeur of gold paint and carving.

4. Luxury 6 Seater Gold Dining Set in Teak Wood YT-344


Luxury 6 Seater Gold Dining Set in Teak Wood UH-YT-344


The 6-seater dining set is definitely worthy of being called luxurious due to its double carving floral finish done by Indian artisans, and the antique gold finish and premium fabric. The dining table has a fully carved design not only on the sides but on the top-edges as well.

5. 8 Seater Dining Set in Honey Gloss Finish YT-338


8 Seater Dining Set in Honey Gloss Finish


For those looking to have subtlety of natural wood finish, this dining set is surely a pleasing one. The dining set is fully carved just like the ones above but with shiny teak color polish. The teak polish enables the wood grains and the texture to be clearly visible bringing nature to your dining space.

6. 6 Seater Luxury Dining Table Chair Set YT-334


Luxury Dinnette set for dinner room furniture

For the modern mansions, we bring a stylish and luxurious dining set with oval dining table frame and uniquely designed dining chairs. The design in addition with the antique gold paint brings glory to any space it is placed in.

7. 8 Seater Copper Dining Set in YT-337

8 Seater Copper Dining Set in Teak Wood

This super luxurious dining set clearly shows what our artisans can offer and what Aarsun, as a 40-year experienced furniture making company can provide in terms of workmanship and quality. The stunning carving on the dining table, the fully covered back of the dining chairs, and the unique rose gold color on each unit brings true royalty to your dining room.

8. Imperial Designer Dining Furniture YT 999

top designers dining set

We always try to bring something unique to each and every client of ours. And this dining set is a perfect example to show that. The dining room furniture unit comes with 8 handcrafted double-carved dining chairs including 2 master chairs, and a large oval-shaped dining table carved on the top as well. The main highlighting of this dining set is the classy champagne gold color paint on the design.

9. Luxury Dining Table with Gold Leafing


exclusive dining table set for royal homes

Again, a stunner, this ultra luxury double carved dining set is surely a head turner with its detailed carving and gold leafing. The unit has a large dining table with 2-pedestal base and 6 amazing dining sets. Amongst the 6 chairs, we have 2 master chairs with carving on the back as well.

10. Luxury Dining Room Furniture 8 Seater YT 989

luxury dining set 8 seater Hollywood style chair


This royal dining set has 8 uniquely designed chairs with carving all over with dual tone champagne gold finish. The fabric is selected by the client as per need. The amazing dining table is not only carved on the sides but on the top as well. This will be the center of attraction to everyone visiting your dining space.

And with Aarsun, you get to choose from different styles, mix them up, create a new unique design of yours for a one-of-a-kind result. You can even send us fabric of your choice and we will use it to match your other furniture units and home theme. Contact us at +91-8192999135 (Call/WhatsApp) and we can certainly transform your dreams into reality. For real-time look, you can check our  YouTube channel where have posted more than 1200+ furniture videos. Also, you can head over to our Testimonial page for more insights what other customers get when they order from Aarsun.

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