Difference between Dining Chair Bedroom Chair and Study Chair


We all want a chair that suits our personality. However, what is the difference between Dining Chair Bedroom Chair, and Study Chair? How to actually decide what chair to select and that too for which room? Read on to know more.

Namaskar Ashish Mittal from Aarsun Woods, Today we will talk about the chair and I will try to explain the details about the chair. There are some points that are required to be explained when we talk about a chair.

Chairs are used at several places. It could be a bedroom, it could be a dining room, it could be a study chair and it could be a chair along with the sofa. Or it could be for some program or some stage chair. There are several uses and every chair is designed for that particular purpose.

The overall look, color, fabric of the chair as well as sitting space is also designed accordingly. So whenever you go online and you see a chair, maybe you are looking for a dining chair and the picture is of a room chair; that won’t fit because there are differences, which I explain here in this video with these three chairs.

First, the design part is what you like. If you like something very flowery, highly decorated, we can provide you. If you like subtle design, we can provide you with that. Light carving or heavy carving, colors, and fabrics are as
per your choice. The main thing is the size and the seating area and how it works.

I’ll start with a bedroom chair. In a bedroom when we use a chair, generally they are for a long time sitting; probably half an hour or an hour. You need a little more time to sit on that and that’s why bedroom chairs are spacious, wide, and more comfortable as compared to other chairs. This chair is thirty inches front to back, two and a half feet.

Two and a half feet is its depth in total front to back. The height is forty-two inches and left to right this is twenty-eight inches. The sitting area is close to twenty-six inches. It is a wide chair. Now when I am sitting on it you see it is a spacious chair.

Wooden Stylish Bedroom Chair YT-598B

And I am getting enough space on both sides. Nice smooth handles and a little tilted back. The back is a little tilted so I can rest properly and I can sit for a long time. If I have to sit on this chair for one hour even, I will not have any difficulty. I will not feel tired sitting on a chair.

The sitting height is another point for bedroom chairs. The sitting height is generally lower. This is eighteen inches high from the ground. The normal height of the sofa is the same as a bedroom chair- eighteen inches unless you are very tall. Or you want a shorter height that is your choice. If you need to change that is your choice but this is the standard I am talking about for a normal height person. This is how it works.

So, if you are looking for a bedroom chair, a sofa chair can also work because the sofa chair is also spacious around eighteen inches in height in sitting and it is also comfortable. So, sofa chairs and bedroom chairs can be interchangeably used. This chair can also work along with a sofa. The same design is a subtle design that can be done. So this is a bedroom chair.

Now moving on to the dining chair. The one you are looking at here is a dining chair design. With handles or without handles, that is your choice.

Difference between Dining Chair Bedroom Chair and Study Chair 1

Generally, in Dining there is a concept of Master chairs also called King Queen chairs. The regular chairs are without handles but other chairs like the study chair and room chair do have a handling concept. This is a dining design and the sitting height is twenty inches.

In this chair, you see the back is straight and is lesser wide. This is twenty-two inches sitting area. Front to back this is nineteen inches. The total depth of the chair is around twenty-two inches a little less than two feet and you can see when I am sitting on it, my back is straight. The reason is when you are having your food if you are leaning this way or you are leaning this way, both positions are not correct.

When you are having your food you need to sit straight and you can have your meal. That is the best position because your stomach would be straight and you can have the food easily. This is why the dining chair has a concept like this.

The chair can have a little curve on the back to give you proper sitting at the back. The chair can have such kind of curve to cover your whole posture but the tilt or inclination or declination should not be there in the
dining chair. Normally the dining chairs are not very wide reason being dining chairs occupy a lot of space. If you place a very big dining chair, it will require a lot of space for the dining area.


Now, these are very compact chairs so these kinds of chairs can easily fit the dining and won’t take much space. You don’t need a lot of time on a dining table. Fifteen, twenty minutes or a maximum of twenty-five minutes and you can have your meal and you walk away. That’s why it is not made for very long sitting hours.

Moving on to study chair.

Difference between Dining Chair Bedroom Chair and Study Chair 2

Now, this chair can be used as a study chair, a lobby chair. The chair you see is a little wider than that one. It’s a little wide. This one is twenty-four inches wide. I am getting more space on this. And the back, if you see, it has got a curve on the back, again to provide you more comfortable sitting. The back has a curve for comfortable sitting. It has handles and the width is twenty-four inches. This is wider than the dining chair. You need to sit for a longer period in study chairs but you cannot have a very comfortable sitting on the study chair. We cannot make it very comfortable because while studying if you are very comfortable, you will feel sleepy.

So you need to sit with a straight back. A little curve is good and it is a little wider than the dining chair. It is a little wider than the dining chairs.

The sitting height is again twenty inches- a comfortable sitting height for thirty inches table. Generally, the
dining table height is thirty inches or two and a half feet. So it’s made according to that and handles to rest your arms easy. Majorly in chairs, this is the difference.

Bedroom chair, dining chair, and study chair, accordingly you can select any design you like. Colors, fabrics and whichever number of chairs you want, we can make it and deliver to your place.

Hopefully, I have explained a lot about the chairs. Still, if you have any questions and you want to know more you can contact us on the number provided.

You can write in the comments section or you can write an email to us for more designs. Or you can visit our website aarsunwoods.com.

For more designs, you can also check YouTube. There are almost six hundred videos on YouTube. I hope you like the information and if you have any suggestions please let us know.

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