7 Luxury Bed Designs That Redefine Comfort

Welcome to our high class exhibit of 7 luxury bed designs that will change  your bedroom into a harbor of comfort and style. These designs are made with intricate craftsmanship and premium wood to provide you with the best sleeping experience. Aarsun luxury beds will reevaluate comfort and uplift your bedroom to greater joys. Join us as we look through the world of luxury bedding and discover the perfect core for your personal fallback.

Here are the 7 Luxury Bed Designs That Redefine Comfort


Modern Bedroom Furniture Design is a correlate collection of furniture designed to create a comfortable and stylish sleeping area . The set includes a modern bed frame, 2 nightstands, and Ottoman. This bedroom set is made in premium quality Teak Wood.

Image for King Size Luxury Bed

Presenting the King Size Luxury Bed – the essence of comfort, luxury, and smoothness . Made from the finest quality teak wood, this bed is a perfectly compatible to any bedroom. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bedroom or set up a new one.

Crafted by skilled artisans, the King Size Luxury Bed in Teak Wood is not just a piece of furniture, but a work of art.

Image for Premium King Size Bed with Gold Leafing

Be thrilled with Our Premium King Size Bed with Gold Leafing and invite a sense of royalty into your home. Aarsun Premium King Size Bed completely carved out in teak wood Matte finish. It has a Hydraulic Storage Area. Also, the Cushion is placed in the Middle for a modern suit.

7 Luxury Bed Designs That Redefine Comfort 1

Transform your Home into a Palace with our premium variety of Handcrafted Bedroom Furniture designed concisely as per your instructions. The design, the material, the fabric as well as polish is also totally  customizable  as per your choice. Watch this Video here

7 Luxury Bed Designs That Redefine Comfort 2

Aarsun offers you a Classic Royal Carved Round Bed that increases the beauty and look of your bedroom. Designed and crafted in India, these pieces are made by experienced artisans . Everything is done by hand – drawing, cutting, carving and polishing, and quilting.

Each of the floral works comes out with antique gold paint. The Antique Gold Paint used in this round bed is not very over bright and not very matte. It is a very elusive gold that works really well for the expected look and finish.


The design has feathered quilting on the headboard as well as on the footboard. The bedsteads are amazingly carved out by hand and not by machines. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by expirienced artisans  in woodworking. The bed has a teak finish which is the most preferred  and gives a clear look  to the pattern carved on the wood. Details here

Image for Super Luxurious Round Bed with Large Side Consoles Matte Finish UH-YT-544

Fully Carved, Round Princess Bed Handcrafted in Solid Teak Wood, with a thickness of up to 10 inches in some places, this astounding  design does not need any explanation . The royal bed is carved 360-degree round with a garland-style design. The Back has amazing woodworking by Saharanpur artisans at Aarsun with cushioned back for comfort. The king-size Premium Bed also has storage space with a little gap in front to avoid any design hurdles.

The Side Consoles are stunning. The side console has a beautiful wooden frame at the top needing just a glass piece to be ready for use, and a drawer for all your bedside essentials. The side console can also be used as a dresser/dressing table and act as a standalone unit. The bedroom set is polished in a Matte Walnut Finish which effectively increases the elegance of the design. Tap here for Video


If you are looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your Bedroom, Aarsun Custom-made luxury beds are a great alternative. Moreover, it’s stylish durable.

Contact us for customizations. We will deliver the Royal & Classic Furniture to your doorstep.

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