7 Dining Table Sets for a Subtle Look at Home

Creating a subtle and elegant ambiance in your home starts with choosing the right furniture pieces, especially when it comes to your dining area. A well-designed, handcrafted dining table set not only serves as a functional gathering place for meals but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your home.

In this article, we present seven exquisite dining table sets that exude a subtle look and can transform your dining space into a stylish haven.

Here are 7 Premium Dining Set Designs for a subtle look at home.


A Classic 8 Seater Dining set that features a dining table. The dining chairs look beautiful and make this dining set unique. The dining room set features a really attractive design. it is a beautiful addition to the dining room area.

8 seater dining set

Give a Stunning Royal Touch to Your Dining Room with Aarsun Real Royal Dining Set. The unit consists of a rectangular dining table with 8 carved chairs. This 8 Seater dining table set is beautifully carved by our skilled artisan and finished in walnut finish. The Chair has a beautifully Carved Lion face on the Handles and a Spiral Design on the side pillar.


Add our Completely Carved Round Dining Set to your living room and make every meal like a special occasion. This 6 Seater dining table set is beautifully carved by our skilled artisan and finished in light walnut color. The set has a double-carved chair with beautiful upholstery. Each chair is a masterpiece, double carved and beautifully painted. The Smooth Fabric compliments the frame. The best part of the furniture is the Solid tabletop design. This luxurious state-of-the-art Dining Set is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Premium Solid Teak Wood.


The dining room is regarded as the soul of the house where all family members spend quality time together. Aarsun Luxury 6 Chair Dining Set keeps the dining area’s atmosphere pleasant and royal. The Dining Set has a master dining chair that has different fabrics, designed as per the client’s choice. The dining chairs are double-carved with a marble-like white base and golden highlighting. The Dining Table has a plain top with beautifully curved legs.


Aarsun brings you a 6 Seater Classic Round Dining Set in premium quality Teak Wood. The curved lines in feet, legs, and arms are characteristic of the Queen Anne style from the 18th century. Carved Shells & C- Scrolls can also be seen on the chairs which is a distinctive feature in Queen Anne-style furniture. The unit is carved out from a 2-inch thick base Teak Wood which makes each chair quite heavy and beautiful in terms of the depth of the carving.


Aarsun presents to you a handcrafted 6 Seater Luxury Dining set made from premium quality Teak wood by skilled artisans. A transitional style Premium Dining set that features a dining table, and six chairs with Beautiful fabric. 


This is an 8-seater dining table set consisting of 6 regular and 2 master chairs. The dining table is carved beautifully. Also, marble or glass can be placed on top of the table as per the choice. (Marble or Glass needs to be arranged locally).


Finding the perfect dining table set for a subtle look at home is all about your personal style. Whether you prefer modern designs, rustic charm, or a touch of glamour, there’s a dining table set to suit every taste. By selecting the right combination of materials, colors, and textures, you can transform your dining area into a space that exudes elegance and offers a subtle yet inviting atmosphere for unforgettable meals with family and friends.


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