5 Incredible Furniture Units to Break the Monotony

Bored with the Standard Setup for Your Living Room?? At Aarsun, you get to spice up your living space with everything your way.

We bring you 5 Exciting Furniture units that break the monotony and bring joy back to your home.

1. Amazing Settee in Gold

Amazing Settee in Gold

Premium Indoor Settee in Antique Gold Finish for your beautiful home. The unit is fully hand-carved and made in solid teak wood and handcrafted by skilled artisans and can also be customized as per your size or design requirements.

2. Stylish Swing in White & Gold

A beautiful swing in white and gold that will transform the monotonous look of your living room into something unique and incredible. Aarsun brings you a perfect combination of unparalleled quality and unique experience with our premium swings.

3. Royal Gold Fainting Couch

Royal Gold Fainting Couch

One such art piece is this lovely Royal Divan Couch or Sofa divan or Daybed – whatever you prefer to call it. Designed and upholstered with Royal Blue in Velvet as per the client’s requirements, the divan is beautifully carved by hand in premium quality Teak Wood – well known for its longevity and texture. The floral pattern on the back and in front, even on the legs, brings back the inspiring Victorian-era architecture in today’s modern era.

4. Stylish & Functional Sideboard

Stylish & Functional Sideboard

Aarsun offers you Wooden Handmade Side Storage Cabinet, especially for your home. The Handmade Wooden Cabinet / Side Table is carefully and lovingly designed specially as per your need.

5. Classy High-back Chairs


These high-back chairs are very comfortable for long hours of sitting. This luxurious bedroom chair features dark fabric and, a back with deep buttoning. The unit consists of 2 chairs and a stool that can be used as a coffee table or for decoration purposes.

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