5 Amazing Couches Designed Around Your Life

5 Amazing Couches Designed Around Your Life

The chaise Lounge or couch is an amazing multipurpose classic furniture unit. It can be a standalone couch placed in a corner. You can use the couch as a daybed for a quick nap and to stretch your legs in the daytime. It can be added to your standard sofa set to enhance the grace of your living room. The Couch can also be placed below a window as it does not block the natural light due to its slanting back.

Aarsun brings unique Collections of Premium Quality Couch designs also referred to as lobby furniture, and Chaise lounge – carved out from teak wood, amazing masterpiece Units for your home.

Here are the list of Five Amazing Couch Designs

1. Wooden Couch in Walnut Finish YT-212

Wooden Couch Studio Couch in Walnut Finish UH-YT-212

Wooden Divan or Chaise Lounge or a Studio Couch as it is commonly called is a classic style statement for your living room. Handcrafted by our artisans from Saharanpur, India, the Divan has beautiful carvings on premium quality wood with a walnut finish and the textured fabric complements the majestic unit. BUY NOW

2. Luxury Fainting Couch for Living Room Area YT-204

Image for Luxury Fainting Couch for Living Room Area UH-YT-204

Aarsun brings to you Handmade Wooden Luxury Fainting Couch for Living Room Area, specially made in premium quality Teak Wood. The Luxury Fainting Couch characterizes and emphasizes a traditional design with just the right amount of elegance.

Traditional designs in all their essence are utilitarian and carefully crafted to enhance the life of the furniture. Sheesham and Teak are two variants available with us. BUY NOW

3. Royal Chaise Lounge in Walnut Polish YT-208

Royal Chaise Lounge in Walnut Polish UH-YT-208

Wooden Royal Chaise Lounge in Walnut Polish | Wood Divan | Living Room Furniture Hand-carved in Premium Teak Wood, the Chaise Lounge is an amazing remembrance of the mid-18th-century royal living room interiors. The premium finish and detailed wood carving give the very same ethnic look as in the good old days. Highly customizable units with a wide range of Fabric Options. SHOP NOW

4. Royal Divan Couch in Antique Gold YT-480

Royal Divan Couch in Antique Gold UH-YT-480

One such art piece is this lovely Royal Divan Couch or Sofa divan or Daybed – whatever you prefer to call it. The divan, upholstered with Royal Blue Velvet as per the client’s specifications, features exquisite hand-carved detailing in premium quality Teak Wood, renowned for its durability and texture.

The floral pattern on the back and in front, even on the legs, brings back the inspiring Victorian-era architecture in today’s modern era. And the final touch- Is antique Gold Duco Paint, which enhances the look and feel of the Divan to a whole new level. Antique Gold Paint is the most liked color across the globe.

5. Wooden Chaise Lounge Peacock Design YT-151

UH-YT-151 Wooden Chaise Lounge Diwan

Aarsun brings you a handcrafted Wooden Chaise Lounge for home. Take a look through our wide range of Handmade Divan / Chaise Lounge with Peacock Design, available in many styles and sizes. The traditional style of this Chaise Lounge is simply sweet and it is sure to complement home decor. BUY NOW

I hope you like all these Royal Chaise lounge Designs. If you want to see more designs or any kind of polish and fabric, you can see our website. You can find all the furniture of your choice here. Whatever fabric or polish you need, you can make it according to your interior. Any kind of customization is Available only at Aarsun Woods.

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