10 Popular Sofa Set Designs to Elevate Your Living Room Style

Sofa set design is the first thing your friends and visitors seek for when coming to your home. This very thing show the power of the ‘first impression’. Sofa set design in your home reflects your personality and style. And what’s best is if you have something unique and amazing, people reflects that in your personality too. Today, we bring you 10 popular sofa set designs of ours that will drastically elevate your living room style and brings uniqueness to your home.

1. Royal Concept Sofa Set Design NT-043

Wooden Concept Sofa Set

The amazing royal sofa set has a unique white and gold paint-theme with a large wooden swing of the same pattern and style as the sofa. You can clearly see that adding swing to the living room drastically improve the luxurious aesthetics of the living room. In addition to this, the fabric really compliments the whole set.

2. Beautiful Masterpiece Sofa Set NT-039

Masterpiece Wooden Sofa set in teak

Newly designed by Aarsun artisans, this beautiful sofa set is truly a masterpiece with intricate floral carving. Each and every piece you see is unique – be it the curvy handles on the sofa, or the large side tables. The golden highlighting creates a royal feel to the whole unit.

3. Luxurious Wooden Sofa Set NT-29

This incredibly amazing sofa set design brings vintage and royalty theme to your living room. The classy walnut polish base and golden highlighting look stunning with the royal wavy pattern. This set truly transform your space into a royal one.


4. Red Oak Wood Sofa Set with Blue Fabric NT-027

Red Oak Sofa Set with blue fabric

Want to explore what can you get when you come to Aarsun? Check out this amazing unique sofa set in red oak wood with high back design on two sofas and premium bail pattern on the other two. The 360-degree floral pattern enables this unit to be placed at the center of the living room.

5. Luxurious Carved Sofa Set in Gold Polish NT-020

Wooden Sofa Set with Gold Polish

This grand luxurious sofa set design is majestic. With its superior carving pattern on the thick wooden frame and the classic Chester style leatherette upholstery, the sofa set design is built to last and redefines luxury.

6. Unique Sofa Set in White Polish NT-008

White Sofa set with golden Highlighting

This popular sofa set design has a Maharaja style theme with fine off-white finish and golden highlighting. The removable cushions o the sofa units brings a sense of modernity and functionality to your home.

7. Luxurious Light Blue 5-Seater Sofa Set


Royal Sofa Set With Tufted Back Rest

If you are looking for luxury and modernity at the same time, you should definitely check out this sofa set. The sofa set comprises of two luxurious throne style sofa chairs, a modern style fully upholstered 3-seater sofa in Chesterfield style, two side table frames, and a square center table. The whole unit gels well together with the antique gold paint and royal blue upholstery.

8. Royal Sofa Set Design for Stylish Home YT-806


Latest Royal Sofa Set Design


THe stylish and ever trending Maharaja style is a popular choice among the premium furniture buyers. And it is really worth every penny of yours. The truly majestic sofa set is carved full 360-degree and has a grand royal frame. This results in a royal sofa set that can be centered in a large mansion.

9. Rich Look Luxury Sofa Set YT-772

Rich Look Luxury Sofa Set curvy design with gold finish and elegant fabric

Gold is the color of the royals no doubt. And with this whole sofa set design in metallic gold, your living room style elevates to a whole new level. The Italian style curves on the sofa units and stylish settee designs look amazing.

10. Canopy style Wooden Swing with Brass Chain 265

Aarsun Traditional Rajwada Sofa Set Carved in Teak Wood and premium fabric


This Rajwada Sofa Set brings the charm of Indian Rajasthani style back to your living space. The premium intricate carving in solid wood frame has a glossy honey polish enabling the wood texture and grains clearly visible.

The beauty of all these popular sofa set designs is that you can get them customized as per your wish. And this very much results in a unique dream home that is really personal to you alone. You can even share your valuable design inputs at +91-8192999135 (Call/WhatsApp) and we can help you achieve what you have in mind. Moreover, you can check out our  YouTube channel where have posted more than 1200 videos of real furniture designs for more ideas. Want to know how our units look in your homes? Head over to our Testimonial page for insights.

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