Mahashivratri 2024: 7 Powerful Lord Shiva Mantras To Chant On Shivratri For Success, Wealth And Fortune

Om Namah Shivaya

This is the simplest and the most powerful mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva. "Om" represents the universe, "Namah" means to bow, and "Shivaya" refers to Shiva.

 Om Arunachaleshwaraaya Namah

This mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva in his form as Arunachaleshwara, the presiding deity of the Tiruvannamalai temple in Tamil Nadu. Chanting this mantra is believed to bring spiritual liberation.

Panchakshari Shiva Mantra

This mantra is Om Namah Shivaya. It is said to have the power to fulfill all desires.

Shiva Dhyana Mantra

This mantra is a prayer for forgiveness and purification. It translates to "I forgive any sins that I have committed knowingly or unknowingly through my body, mind, and speech.

Om Kleem Namah

This mantra is associated with attracting positive energy and abundance. "Kleem" is a seed syllable (bija mantra) believed to have potent creative power.

Om Namah Parvatisha Pataye

This mantra translates to "Salutations to the consort of Parvati." It signifies devotion to both Shiva and Parvati.pen_spark

Om Namo Bhagwate Mahadevaaya

This mantra translates to "Salutations to the great Lord Shiva." It's a simple yet powerful way to express reverence for Shiva.