Know How To Celebrate Promise Day And Its  History 

Valentine week has started. The fifth day of this week is celebrated as Promise Day.

Promise means promise. On this day couples promise each other that they will always remain each other's companion in happiness and sorrow.

It is said that Propose Day started in Valentine's Week, which is being celebrated for a long time.

Valentine's Week was first started in the Western world and since then it started being celebrated in many countries of India. There is no history of Propose Day.

However, it is believed that in 1477, the Austrian Archduke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. Subsequently, Promise Day became a festival celebrated on the fifth day of Valentine's Week. Promise Day has started being celebrated in many countries in recent years.

Write down your promises that you want to make to your partner on a paper and then give that note to your partner.