Adopt These 7 Ways To keep Your Heart Healthy

Use oils that contain MUFA and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Rice bran oil, canola oil and olive oil are good options.

Many researches have revealed that the nutrients found in ghee are beneficial for the body. Ghee should always be used by applying it on roti or adding it to dal.

To keep your heart healthy, include complex carbs, proteins and fats like millet, oats, brown rice, pulses, eggs, chicken and fish in your diet. Apart from this, you can also eat seeds and nuts.

To keep the heart condition healthy, one should stay away from oily and fried foods.

Stay away from pickles, papad and package foods as they contain high amount of sodium.

Make a habit of exercising daily. You can do walking, yoga, swimming, cycling etc. With these, the heart works well and remaining fit also cures other diseases.

Make a habit of meditation and yoga, it reduces stress which is a major cause of heart diseases.